HN308's Review - Brokering BMW, Infiniti, Lexus in NY/NJ/CT/PA with limited out of state shipping for BMW

  • Region(s) serviced : NJ, NY, CT, PA primarily. If you are out of state and want to pick up the vehicle in NJ/NY at my dealer than I will work with you after taking a $100 retainer.
    Some of my BMW dealers do ship out of state and I can work with out of state people on new cars but 99% of my loaners cannot be shipped. If shipping is available on a particular
    vehicle it will be mentioned in the post.

  • Vehicle brands sold : BMW, Infiniti and Lexus.

  • Fee amount : $499

  • Clear instructions on how to be reached : You can reach me via PM on this forum.

  • Number of months/years in business : Have been active and hacking deals on this forum for more than 3.5 years. Officially registered as a broker in March 2019.

Thanks to all the customers I have had here over the years and hope I can continue to bring deals to this community. My specialty is working with BMW and loaners in particular but I do sell new BMW units as well.

Infiniti is not doing as good deals as they did in past but I have helped community members gets 250 plus Inifniti units and will continue to get you the best Infiniti deals.

If you got a car from me, feel free to share your deal with the community and the exact month you got the car so new members know what to expect in a certain month as far as deals go.

Thank you again to each and every one of you who I have dealt with and a big thanks to LeaseHackr for giving us this platform.



I’m excited to be @HN308 first reviewer. I have been watching him post amazing BMW deals on Leasehackr for quite some time but my situation did not allow me to jump on any of them at the time he posted until this week. I had contacted @HN308 about a demo 430i he posted a few weeks back but another hackr jumped on it before I had a chance, but I was in luck. @HN308 contacted me about a “special” situation where the dealer had a loaner BMW 2019 MSport 430xi with 6300 miles on it that they wanted to move. They needed to get a special exemption from BMWFS to lease this car over 5k miles AND include the current June Lease Incentives! He worked hard to get the dealer to discount the car over 20% before incentives making this a killer deal.

@HN308 answered all my many, many questions in a timely manner and explained everything in full detail. There were no surprises when I got to the dealer, everything was as promised, including a monthly lease price I could have never achieved on my own.

He put up with my endless worrying about every little detail and put my mind at ease every step of the way.
The best advice he said to me was…Stop worrying, just go get your car and enjoy everything about the experience! He was so right!

If you are in the market for a lease I highly recommend @HN308 as he made a sometimes difficult, frustrating, and confusing process the easiest transaction I’ve ever had!

$357/mo for a $55k car???!!! Sign me up with @HN308 every time!!!


While I haven’t worked a deal with HN308, he has been posting some amazing BMW deals, and is a definite asset to the community!

Thanks HN308!

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I was hoping that @HN308 would start his review page. I contacted HN308 back in April about a lease on a BMW X1 with all the great incentives that were available that month. HN308 was very quick with his responses and straight forward. The wife wanted a white one which at first he was told by the dealer was available. He told me I would hear from the dealer the next day to start the process which never happened, at that point I was concerned since I had paid the broker fee already. I reached out to HN308 and he contacted me promptly and said he would call me after he called the dealer which he did.The dealer had already sold the white one and had no other white ones available HN308 offered to refund his fee unless she wanted a different color. She decided to go with the Glacier Silver Metallic which HN308 brokered for us and he also said since the dealer messed up he would get him to lower the price which resulted in a lower monthly price and DAS for the same sticker price. Mind you he responded to all my calls and texts immediately while he was vacation with his family. All I can say is you can’t go wrong with HN308 a honest and courteous man. Will definitely recommend to friend & family. Thank You!

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I do not know HN308 from Adam, and while I have not been as active in recent months, I have been a member long enough to know that HN posted amazing deals as a member/consumer. Can’t say for sure, but I think he helped MANY folks obtain deals with no $ ask.

I want to say that he was one of the OG unicorn deal makers and led the way for others to bring those kinds of deals to the site. I would without hesitation recommend his service based on what he has done for others here.


Thanks a lot for the review @Orangeman96. Enjoy the 4 series.

Eddie - hope your wife is enjoying the X1 and thanks for the review. @Eddieg321

@Dannytmc - thanks for your kind words and yes all those 150 odd Infiniti that I got people were without any fees as I was not a broker back then. Just helping out fellow forum members back then.

@ddehr026 - I appreciate that you look at my deals and like them. Hope to deal with sometime in future. Thanks.

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@HN308 was a pleasure to deal with. Got me a great deal on an X3 and helped me work through the deal that had a few hiccups. Quick responses and willing rectify any issues. Cant recommend enough. Thanks boss!

Another shout out for HN308, he was a pleasure to work with, remembered what I was looking for an got me a great deal in May of this year.

2019 BMW X3 M40i
Loaner 4300 miles
Premium, Leather, Driver asst, parking asst, HK, wireless charging.

MSRP- $63,520
Discount- $10k
Rebate- $2000
Due - Acquisition fee tax tags, first month- $3600
MSD $3850
Monthly $530
MF .00165
Residual 59%

Leasehackr Calculator — LEASEHACKR


I just pulled in with my brand new QX60 lease brokered by @HN308 and it was by far the best deal I’ve had!! A deal I could have never imagined getting going direct to a dealership. My previous dealer even reached out saying he could beat whatever deal I got and I gave him the numbers HN provided and he said there’s no way that’s possible. He said if that’s the number you should take the deal but make sure there’s no other added/hidden fees. Lo and behold, everything was exactly how HN said it would be. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and it couldn’t have been easier. He helps you every step of the way and constantly checks in to make sure the deal is going smoothly when at the dealership. My friend who leased the same car can’t believe how much I’m paying. I highly, HIGHLY recommend @HN308 for your next lease. I told the dealer that this was the easiest and fastest lease transaction ever. I was in and out the door in 40min. HN works with top notch dealers! Thanks @HN308 for the hook up. I’ll be sending all my buddies your way. Cheers!

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@Bavlo @cragod @Chudrok

Thanks a lot for your review.

Enjoy your car in good health.


I just wrapped up a deal with @HN308, I could not have asked for a better broker to deal with! He helped me every step of the way securing a 2019 540i xDrive. I would not hesitate to deal with @HN308 again and hope that in 24 months he will help me get into my next vehicle!

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Thanks for the review and hope you enjoyed the car on the trip back home. Enjoy the car.

@HN308 recently helped me close a tough find & solid lease on an X5 w/3rd row. Thanks HN for the awesome work!

@HN308 helped my brother grab a Q50 for approx $80/mo less than any tri-state dealers were quoting without assistance (and this was just as a fellow LH member) a true asset to the community and would gladly do a broker deal when needed.

@davidmw @iknyc

Thanks for your review.

I got my QX60 with premium options via HN308 earlier this year. There were few other brokers with similar offers but HN308 was definitely one with prompt response to my questions and with detailed info. I really felt like that he was trying to help me out with QX60 within his knowledge. I just logged back into Leasehackr recently and happy to find HN308 became a broker for BMW. My 5 series will end in September and will definitely reach out to HN308 for the deals.


HN308 helped me score a suped up 2019 loaner 330xi last week. I couldn’t believe how fast the process was. I’ll be recommending him for months to come.


HN308 is super professional and always quick to respond. Although I ended up not pulling the trigger on the car (totally my decision, bad timing) he understood that I’ve never leased before and he helped me every step of the way. Will most definitely resume doing business together when the timing is better for me. 100% recommend his service.


Wanted to leave a review here for @HN308.

Just as the poster above I did not jump on the car (in my case: i pulled the trigger but it was too late), but @HN308 answered every question. He did it without hesitation and without feeling as if he was being inconvenienced with any of my newbie first-time-lease questions. He was a professional throughout the whole process and even answered my texts late at night. Even though I did not get the car, the least I could do is leave a review for the time he invested and being transparent throughout the whole process.


Late review for @HN308, but I was able to get in on one of his X3 loaners just as my current lease expired. We discussed the details over phone and IM. Decided to pull the trigger and was told the dealership has just unloaded the loaner. He was apologetic and said this stuff almost never happens. He worked the next couple of days to find another X3 loaner for me. He found 2 models for me to pick from. Priced a few bucks more, but within my budget. Return and pickup the new loaner within a couple of days. Overall, a very satisfied customer. Would definitely recommend working with HN308.