Help with leasing CPO Lexus or Acura

I am trying to lease CPO Lexus RX or Acura MDX. However, I am not finding any dealer willing to do that. Can anyone help me locating a dealer? Also does anyone have any experience with this to share?


Lease support is not good for cpo on those brands

why would you want to?

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I thought it would be cheaper and better if I decide to buy at lease end.

Your thought is wrong. That works on bmw and benz and volvo etc. None of the Japanese manufacturers unfortunately. Better to work on a brand new.

Thanks for the info. Will the monthly lease be lower for impirts compared to new lease? Does it make sense for audi?

I was looking at Lexus and Acura CPO leases also. Dealers are telling me the same thing, that the programs aren’t strong. Any help with recommendations for other brands with strong CPO lease programs?? Thank you!

there are numerous threads discussing this topic throughout the forum. Search “CPO Lease” + “Lease CPO.” Here are a few…

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