BMW CPO Leases?

Does anybody have any experience/success with BMW CPO leases?

Supposedly the numbers work well on 24 months leases.

Do you have a link to the program? In theory, a 3 year old car should not depreciate too much to year 5.

Edit, maybe year 2 to 4 would be best on brands that have a 4 year 50,000 mile bumper to bumper.

@adamcar that’s exactly my point, accelerated depreciation should be done already so less depreciation to pay for over a 2 yr lease. Some dealers are offering extended maintenance in addition to CPO warranty which should keep one covered for a 2 yr CPO lease on a 2 or 3 yr old used BMW.
Trying to find out if anybody had any success getting a good deal on a CPO.

i am interested in this as well, my local bmws dealer has several 2013- 328i’s with asking price of around 24-27k, how do they estimate residual and is money factor much higher with a CPO?
then the fact that you are paying for a 3 year old car, is the savings going to be worth it?

here is some info from local dealers website for a certified pre owned lease on a 2013 528i x drive2013 BMW 5 SERIES 4DR CAR

Internet Price: $32,790
$299 X 24 MONTH LEASE*

Offer #120669

Cash due at signing is based 0n $1500.00 Cap cost reduction, $299.00 first month payment, $925.00 aquisition fee and $0 security deposit(some customers will require a security deposit). Tax, title, license and dealer fees and additional fees due at signing. Purchase option at lease end (excluding tax, title and other government fees) is $26791.00,

does this seem like a good deal?

$925 acquisition fee? That is outrageous.

I was just at the BMW dealership yesterday doing the same searches. The problem I kept having is that I wanted a lot of options, but on a 24 month lease, every option I added made my monthly price shoot up! (1st world problems)

For a base model 2013 328i x-drive (AWD) sedan with no options, it was $199/mo. with $2,500 total out of pocket.
For a 2013 328i x-drive (AWD) sedan with a few options
$27,995 MSRP
24 months
15,000 miles / year
$330.55 / mo
$1,222.21 due at closing, for sales tax, DMV, Tire, Inspection, Doc Fee.

“Residual on these 2013’s is constant, at $23,757. Money Factor is .00157”

I honestly may go with the $330/mo car, even though it has just one or two options. I’ll just have to live without my backup camera… LOL

After getting that priced out, I then went one step further and he priced out a 6 month old Dealer loaner. 2015 428i X-drive 2-door with quite a few options. He said “We can lease these out 36 months, as a new car program.”

2015 BMW 428i xDrive 2-door
$41,995 MSRP
36 months
12,000 miles / year
$476.523 / mo
$2,275.10 due at closing, for sales tax, DMV, Tire, Inspection, Doc Fee.

He didn’t get me the residual yet, but he said “The Money Factor is a lot lower. More like .9% APR, rather than 3.5% on the 2013’s”

Hope that small bit of rambling helps… :slight_smile:

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For any lease, I hate Cap Cost reduction. If you can’t afford it with $0 down, you really shouldn’t do it. $300/mo. isn’t a bad price, but having that $5000 down is pretty intense…

I think my dealer was throwing out $470/mo. for a 528i xdrive 2013 with less than $2k down, no cap reduction, no hidden $925 fees, etc…


do you know how they determine residuals on the CPOs ? I’m being told it depends on a particular vehicle which makes comparisons very difficult.

I was fortunate enough to have the CPO lease program explained to me. It is a 3 step process that starts with FICO. Anything above 675 has a MF of .00157.

Step 2:
There are fixed residual for each model and year . Apparently some models are getting support from BMW. The one I was looking at , 328i ,had a pretty good residual. The guy mentioned the 3’s and 5’s were good to lease

Each model has a fixed residual based on Model, Year, Term.

My example
2013 328i 24 month $19,801

Step 3:

Adjust residual based on the car’s mileage and the annual mileage of the lease ( 10K,12K15K )


2013 328i w/ 23,000 miles.

Since I wanted to lease for 15K miles and the car had fewer than 25K miles they added around $400 to the residual. There is a formula they used to figure this out.

Be careful though. I went to one dealer that either didn’t know or was trying to sell me on a 2016 lease as they quoted me a residual on a 2013 328i that was around $13K that also had under 25Kmiles. I also went to a dealer that insisted that they can not lease anything other than 2016 or 2015 demos.

I got these numbers is April so my guess is they change. The nice part is that if you find the residual for a 2013 328 you know it will be around the same ( + or - mileage adjustment) for all 2013 328’s. The other nice part was you can use MSD to lower the MF.

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It depends on the year and model. Some of the vehicles will have a dollar based residual and some will be percentage based. Typically a CPO vehicle will have better rates than a standard pre-owned vehicle. It really depends because a CPO vehicle will typically cost more. So the difference between the price could eat up the lease savings.

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Does anybody know residuals? Because assuming $19,801 for a 24 month lease on a 2013 3 series, that would imply only $4k of depreciation for a base 328i (which I have seen go for $23k)? Isn’t that something like $200 a month 0 down?

Side note but my understanding is that the CPO warranty is not as good as the standard warranty… So not sure this is a smart thing to do.

Anyone have experience with X3 or X5 CPO lease?

Does anyone know of any sources to find out the latest residuals and MF by CPO model?

I’d really like to consider a 24mo lease on a 5 series but I cannot find ant info and when I ask local dealers they just seem not interested in entertaining the lease of a cpo.

Then the ones that do throw out outrageous numbers. Which may be because the terms suck. It could also be because they know the info isn’t out there and they can mark it up as much as they want.

BMW doesn’t lease CPOs all the time, it’s possible that they’re currently not offering it and that’s why you’re having a hard time.

There were some recent posts on 535GT loaners with very attractive payments if you want to do a search on the forum. Might be a better option.

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