HELP ASAP 2018 Mercedes GLA 250 Good Deal?

Need help in determining if this is a good deal. I really don’t have experience in this, so I’d really appreciate the help!

36 month lease
10k Miles

Model: Mercedes GLA 250
Year: 2018
MSRP: $36,025
Sales Price: $31,114 (13.63% off msrp)

Sales tax: 1,974.11
Tires/Battery/MVWEA: $6.50
Dealer Servixe Fee: $799
Tag/Registration Fee: $349

Monthly Fee (No down payment): $434 including tax

Is this a good deal ?

Where are you located? At $434/mo seems high to me based on a quick search of GLA 250. Looks like a good payment for you would be in the $335-350/mo range.

Miami, FL. What number should I realistically be aiming for ? Thanks for the response btw

No I have seen below 400

Look at the QX30 by infiniti should be quite a bit cheaper.

I answered that in my reply above, $335-350 range, which is under 1% of the MSRP.

My parents just leased one in Southern California. I think their MSRP was around $38k.

Their monthly payment is $408/mo with around $900 in drive off fees.
No money down. 36 mo, 7500 miles

I got a 2017 GLA 250 4matic (loaner deal)

308 per month.
10k per year.
Only paid taxes and fees up front (0 down)
All maintenance included in the monthly payment

Mercedes Benz of Brooklyn, NY