Has anyone sold to Givemethevin?

Per the title, has anyone gone through the entire process with this company? I’m flabbergasted that I just found out about this service today from @asfarr86. I’ve been using Vroom and Carvana for awhile, and recently used Algo in December for the sale of two cars. Shift does not service Michigan, but I was at least aware of them.

Just for a data point, I submitted my 2021 Camaro LT1 today to givemethvin and to vroom for comparison. Givemethvin quoted $33,000, and Vroom was $29,900. Pretty big spread, so just want to hear some legit stories about the process.

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I haven’t sold to them yet, but have heard of them. Their upfront quote process is a bit more involved as you saw including pictures of the car that they evaluate. Seemed pretty legit though based on my interactions. Likewise got a 4K higher offer on my LT1 than Vroom and they said they might be able to squeeze another 500 if it would make the deal close.

This is the owner: https://www.johnclaywolfe.com/

Like a wolf.

These guys have a radio show in DMV on Saturdays where they buy cars over the phone. Pretty funny.


They were buying during last year’s spree…

Edit: ok, it’s not a good thread as far as experience goes :slight_smile:

But searching LH does turn up some results

Sold my Infiniti to them last summer. They are legit and you can negotiate a bit with them. The payoff took forever but that was an IFS issue.

Good to hear, my brother has pending offers from Vroom and ALgo on his Q50 so I told him to check this out. Currently both offers are $25,500 and his payoff is $26,800. He can definitely negotiate both deals up a bit, but let’s see what these guys say.

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I did and had a positive experience. Unlike Vroom and Carvana, I dealt with only two people, the buyer and the closer (arranged docs, pickup, and payment). I even had their cell numbers. Payoff to lender credited the day after pickup.

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Thanks for the response. I will definitely give them a shot.

Pm me if you want the name and number of the person that helped me.

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I am in the process of selling the LT1 to them (will provide more details once it moves ahead), but man, GM Financial is a PITA for providing buyout quotes to third parties. Every time you request one, it takes 24-48 hours for them to generate and send. They can apparently only fax to a third party, but not email - emails can only go to the current account holder. In my case the fax failed to come through, so I requested they email me a copy to forward–it will take another 24-48 hours for them to do so…apparently they incinerate all the info the second they send it.


this is hilarious

Did you know your payoff amount before you started to shop around? I haven’t checked, but I assume my payoff is higher than the $33k offer they gave me few weeks back.

Are you not confident you can make some cash back in a swap? Or just losing patience with a car you rarely drive?

Yes, I know the payoff, but any third party buyer wants to confirm it in writing.

The latter. I haven’t even put one months worth of miles on it in 4 months of ownership. I am also concerned that “transferring” is not as easy as people like to think it is–took me 4 months to unload a well-priced M340 last year between credit approval/paperwork etc. Given the current used car craze and the fact I was able to get CarMax, these guys my original dealer and others to bid against each other, I will walk away with a check free and clear (assuming this works out).

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GMTV offered $34k for mine right out of the gate, and they were clearly willing to go higher, but I didn’t pursue anything with them (since I decided I really didn’t want to sell it). I have a feeling many of us could sell these now and break even, or perhaps make a small profit. The profit potential is probably higher with a swap though (if one can wait the six months).

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Let’s hope with the production halt until 2022 model year drives the price up. I wouldn’t sell just to break even, the weather finally broke here so I’m fully enjoying it.

Still only a few Camaros nationwide on SAL. Keep us posted.

Ok done deal now - payoff was 35,517. Ended up selling to GMTV for 36,200 after ALGo came back and offered 36k after a week. At one point my original dealer went from “we can’t go anything over 33k” to 35,500 when they heard CarMax and Algo were in play. So walked away with a $683 equity check free and clear and brought my effective monthly for 4 months of ownership to $157.25 :joy::joy:

I am sure others who wait to transfer to the right person will do better, but given my lack of use of this I was ready to dump it early for a sure thing. Can’t argue this was an amazing performance value and I am sure I will miss it!


Wow that’s awesome. Now you have me tempted…

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