Good Dealer List


I believe they are listed as best sales people because they offered before dealer cost deals… Well to be best to have to do sufficient number of deals above dealer cost …so not sure


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Any particular person at Infiniti Tustin? I’m thinking about trying for a Red Sport :slight_smile:


Fred Martin Benz , Youngstown OH has good deals. I got a 67.4k C43 for $574/m including taxes and maintenance included, I did 10 MSD’s. Contact Wayne. He is good to deal with, I had tried NJ, CT, MA, PA, MD and VA and I did not get a deal but it was very easy at this location. I had to travel to get the vechicle but it was worth it.


Mercedes Benz of Westmont, Illinois. Their internet sales time especially Sylvia are great. I got myself a 61K 2017 E class for 473 zero due inc tax from them.


If you are looking for a Buick or GMC in NJ I had an excellent experience with Jim Curley GMC in Lakewood, NJ. Spoke with Renee on the phone initially and worked with Ed Smuda at the dealership. In and out in about two hours total. If you want, PM me and I’ll give you my info so you can let them know who sent you.


Not technically south but if you’re not too far from New/East Brunswick check the name/info of the dealer I have already posted in this thread.


There have been quite a few Infiniti deals posted in the forums. Check those for dealer names and/or reach out to the OPs.


Anyone know of any other MB dealers in the socal area worth trying to get a hack? I’m gonna give laguna a try when I start seriously looking, but it looks like most of the c300s aren’t very high optioned.


Can we add BMW of Freehold, NJ to the Good Dealer List? Had an amazing experience with Maria Shouldice (Internet Sales Manager) on pricing (LeaseHackr score of just under 11), responsiveness (email responses within 2 hours) and ease of transaction (all through email). @discountsales2020 had a similar experience with Maria as well!


I shopped almost every BMW dealer in the Tri-State, and Freehold was the most aggressive in dealer discount. Plus they accept the full $1000 value for OL codes unlike some who say it can’t be stacked or give only the factory contribution of $500.

See my post about a 530xi and a recent post by another member for a 530e.

She gives everything in writing, so there are no suprises. You can even try to beat her price with the email quote, but no one came close or believed it was possible.


Couldn’t agree more!! I reached out to 10 dealerships in the NY/NJ/PA area and Maria was a DREAM to work with both in price and in process.


Do you have her email address?



Just went to their website:


This is not the place for those questions. Search for a current thread or start a new one if it does not exist.


This is likely a little late, but I’m partial to,

Dez Desbiens - MB of Long Beach

Russ Ellis - now at MB of Foothill Ranch

I’m in San Diego, but I always start with Dez (and usually end with Dez) as he’s transparent with all the variables such as Adjusted Cap Cost, RV, and MF. And, he will do MSDs. We are near the end of our 4th lease with Long Beach, and I’m returning to him for lease #5. Russ is also forthright and easy to work with.


I’d like to take back everything I said about Ciocca. They were great start to finish today on my Volt deal. Happy to provide contact info if anyone needs it. Totally no BS, they led with a legit offer a little over 14% off MSRP, and there were no games. In and out in an hour and half, which was a miracle considering that I brought a 6 year old and 3 year old boy with me who were in RARE form this morning lol.


For a little bit of context, I originally went there almost a year ago right after the changeover, and it sounded like they were staffed with temp employees from all over the country getting them off the ground. So it makes sense that they would have improved between now and then with real employees and management working there with actual authority.


Any good honda dealers in tristate? Especially in the north brunswick area? Looking for a good deal on the new crv thanks


Try Huntington honda on Long island.