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i’ve been working with Joe Najar @ Rusnak in Pasadena. He’s the internet director there. He’s been super thorough and transparent and quite the unit mover.


How do I edit the list? I clicked on the OP next to the date and takes me to a page where i can view but can’t edit. Could someone please add this below:


o California (SoCal)
o BMW of Murrieta
o Dave Townsend (Internet Client Advisor)
o Fans: @tallmass


Talk to @Cody_Carter.


Dave Townsend from BMW of Murrieta helped me get into a lease for a 2017 530i. The deal was so good that I’m going to save thousands over the life of the lease when compared to my local dealer in Honolulu. The vehicle is currently on a boat and on it’s way, I can’t wait. Aside from the deal, the overall customer experience was excellent and that’s how Dave earned my business.

Dave Townsend
Internet Client Advisor
(951) 249-8000 office
(951) 440-2483 cell phone


Princeton Chevy was sold and will no longer be doing business as of 11/10/2017. A shame considering how good their service was and how good their prices were up until the beginning of this year. That being said, Lou at Lester Glenn Chevy in Toms River, NJ and his manager Glen were fantastic for my mom’s 2018 Equinox. No hard push in the finance office either.


Do you know if Princeton is remaining a Chevrolet dealership under new ownership? It’s where I usually go for service, would have liked to have made a deal with them before the new year, but it wasn’t in the cards I suppose.


Also, the email I got from Princeton seemed to indicate that they were being sold on the 15th of the month.


The emails I got from Joann Vass had conflicting information about when they were being sold. She said that it will continue to be a Chevy dealership so no worries about service


I was wondering if the impending sale would help or hurt their ability to make a deal before it went through. It might be worth waiting to see who is taking over and what kind of splash they might want to make being the only Chevrolet dealer in the immediate area. Malouf is close-ish I suppose, but I have no real experience dealing with them. Honestly it would make the most sense for Coleman to buy them, since they have a GM dealership right there that doesn’t do Chevrolet.


Email I received from one of the salesmen shows they will be Ciocca Chevrolet of Princeton.


Looks like a Bucks County, PA dealership. Don’t really know anything about them, but it looks like they are cleaning house over there with all the job postings.


Wow! I would certainly agree. Hopefully it’s a change for the better but unlikely since they were already one of the better dealerships in the area for pricing.


I don’t know, last time when I was looking for my Malibu in 2016 they were very engaged and competitive and motivated. I ended up getting it elsewhere, but that was because of a request by a family member, not pricing. Looking for a Traverse right now, and even on inventory that’s been on the lot for over 400 days and demo/loaners they really didn’t seem very interested in selling them, which is why they are probably still on the lot. They never seemed like a volume dealer to me, it’s a pretty small location. Maybe a bigger auto group will be more motivated to hit their sales targets.


Hopefully. I did get three of those awesome Cruze lease deals (as well as a Camaro purchase) from them two years ago. All great prices.


They were giving the Cruze away! It just didn’t fit quite what I was looking for so I held out for a Malibu. A family member got a Colorado from them not long ago, and was happy too.


So I emailed someone at Ciocca and they confirmed the sale, and the “settlement is tomorrow”, and it appears that it’s effective immediately, so they won’t be closing for any period of time. I would imagine this would be a lousy time of year to handle that kind of stuff and lose days closing up, etc.


Thelen Audi of Bay City, MI is very good for Audi’s. I recently negotiated a deal with them for my sister. They matched the price of a dealer in Chicago (Fletcher Jones) who was way cheaper (2017 model) , however they told me that they needed a week to get a comparable car. Ended up getting a 2018 from them for the same price a week later. The sales man who I worked with was Quintin. He’s a nice young kid and once you tell him a payment that is possible (lowering mf, deposits, etc.) he will make sure to make it work. I will post the Audi Q7 deal details soon. It may not be a killer deal, but it was the best I got and this dealership matched it. Best part was they were 10 mins away so I saved shipping costs, etc.


I’d say at this point Ciocca is a total waste of time. I couldn’t get them to even give me a detailed quote, let alone tell me which rebates they were applying. And even then they were trying to gyp me on that. Told me that the Traverse was better at 36 months because of the residual, which is crazy talk. Told me it was 49% at 24 months, which is a complete lie or misstatement. Money factor was screwed with too. I didn’t even bother taking anything written down with me, but I think they came up with something like 550 a month with 2500 down for a 2017 Traverse that’s been on that lot over 500 days between them and Princeton.


I guess we can strike them off our list! Hopefully things will change for the better with time.


It seems like they are still filling positions there. Guy I first spoke to was in on contract from Memphis helping them get set up. I guess I’ll hold out hope for one last month in the 17’s or good programs on the 18’s for the end of the year.