GM supplier code question

After reading thru the GM supplier site, I’m not clear on something. I have a friend who works for an eligible supplier company. Does he have to buy/lease a car himself to get an authorization code that he can give to me? Or can he just login and request a code I can use?

You need to provide proof you work for the company. That being said the last 2 times I leased a gm I was given a link to give supplier to a friend (was good for 6 months)

Right, he works for an eligible company. You leased and got the code which can be shared with anyone; doesn’t need to be someone working at the supplier.

I’m asking: if he doesn’t lease anything can he still get a code and give to me?

If he didn’t get a special offer then my understanding is no. Like I said you’ll need to provide a pay stub or other form of proof.

Huh? The friend code is for someone who doesnt work at gm or a supplier so why would I need to show where I work??

My understanding is the person who is eligible has to lease and then they can share the code.

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If you have previously leased during the year with YOUR personal code, you are allowed to gift an authorization to someone. I believe they just email it to you, put your info into a form, etc. That only works with true supplier, not college. I’m not sure about educator or first responder.