GM recalling Bolts for potential battery issue

My 2020 Bolt had similar restrictions so this is an upgrade! My daily commute is around 100 miles round trip and I have access to level 2 charging for free at work so this works perfectly for me.

Last week my status was 4300 intermediate delivery. TPW was first week of October, invoice and VIN were created end of October.

RPC just stated 4B00 – Bayed with the estimated delivery date showing as Delayed, probably awaiting transport.

Does this make sense to everyone? I’m in California. I thought it would’ve moved by now.

Yes. 4B00 means you are in a holding zone until they can ship. My replacement vehicle sat for 2 months at 4B00.

IME, 4XXX codes don’t mean much since they can jump all over.

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Is it true that dealerships would not use the vehicles in their lot for the SOC program and would have to be a custom order? The dealership that I am working with gave this reply when I asked why can’t I get any of the vehicles on their lot:

"The sales professionals that work for XXXXX Chevrolet make a living by selling the cars and trucks that are on our lot.

If I were to use the retail units to fulfill the requirements for the GM Buy Back program it would make it very difficult for the sales team.

Management will not allow me to use the retail stock for satisfying the GM Buy Back program."

That’s “generally” accurate. There were a bunch of Bolts that were produced last year that could be “tagged” as part of the program but now that those are gone, a factory order is the answer. Dealers can order them without losing one of their allocations and they are not going to give up one of their own for this if that’s an option that’s on the table.

Same here. She (Nicole) called it a replacement.

On the lot and inbound bolts still seem to fly off the availability lists for MSRP.

Congrats on the long-awaited arrival!

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Picked up my Premier SOC today.

Quick and painless process. In retrospect, I do like getting cash for the options that I didn’t get delivered due to the non-explained circumstances.
If I wished to keep the car for a long time period, Sun-n-Sound would have been nice to have.
It’s definitely much larger than my 2020 EV, the tech and interior are waaay better, too. Even the doors and hatch close with a more upscale sound.
The steering feel and response was definitely better in the EV though.


Agree on the steering. The 2020 Bolt had almost a go kart feel to it. The EUV definitely does not. In some aspects I like it more, it’s definitely a more comfortable vehicle on the highway. It does lose a little bit of the fun factor compared to the Bolt though. I kinda got used to feeling every little bump and having more responsive steering. I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Interestingly, the EUV seems to accelerate faster when resuming cruising speeds vs the Bolt despite the Bolt being a marginally faster car on account of the size and weight difference. My old Bolt lagged a bit in that regard while this one seems to take off quicker when I resume cruise speeds or move lanes to keep the adaptive speed up.


I also prefered the heavier, more accurate steering feel of the 2020 Bolt over the EUV. The EUV has more body roll, a bouncy ride, less usable trunk space, slightly less range, and a cheap sounding turn signal compared to the 2020 Bolt.

On the plus side, there’s more rear leg room, much better safety features, and a nicer interior.


My ladies miss the blue LED pipes😊 and I - the mid-console tray insert (where would the sunglasses go now?) and the steering wheel - positioned heat button (there seem to be plenty of space for it) - why was it moved closer to the passenger?
Cupholders are tiny for the modern bottles, but the door pockets are OK.
I love the wireless charger and AndroidAuto, the fact that the One Pedal - button stays engaged, but dislike its feel during reverses.
Can’t say I am a fan of the separate buttons for shifting, but the new Blazer/Equinox EVs will have their shifters as a stalk - my favorite place for it.
I love the much snappier touchscreen response, better seats (although having no memory for a power seat makes 0 sense), the new chic looking backlit toggle buttons (learn from it, VW!) and the dashboard design - the touch and feel are far more superior.
About the connected apps and OnStar - they claimed that the MyChevy app’s connectivity (even the basic features like remote start) won’t be free after 3 no, although my 2020 had them for the past 2 years. Is that right? I do understand that, once the trial period is over, WiFi hotspot and built-in apps will have to be paid for, but remote start?

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Sorry for the delayed response here. My NorCal dealer is Dublin Chevrolet.

Just got an update from the repurchase coordinator that my 2023 EUV order is scheduled to start production the week of January 16th.

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Process mostly over. Exchanged 2020 Bolt LT for specced out 2023 Bolt EUV Redline Premier for $0 extra. Below was my timeline for anyone interested. Only thing I need now is for GM Financial to update their system before end of Jan when my lease is up so I can buy out the car.

02Aug - case number assigned
26Aug - had to reach out multiple times. Finally started trade repurchase process. Received email with documents to send in.
26Aug - sent docs/pics in
01Sep - received repurchase letter in mail
20Sep - talked to repurchase dept. identified dealership.
23Sep - heard back from dealership
26Sep - emailed specs for order. Order submitted
04Oct - call from repurchase coordinator. Asked for DL and car pictures. Repurchase case # assigned
05Oct - sent in pictures of car and DL
06Oct - notified by RC scheduled for production week of 24Oct
1Nov - confirmed car produced
14Nov - offer letter received, address incorrect
18Nov - corrected offer letter received, signed, and returned. Dealer estimate 05Dec delivery
23Nov - notified by RC of expected arrival date of paperwork at dealership (02Dec)
03Dec - notified by dealer car and paperwork ready
04Dec - picked up car

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Was thinking of extending my lease (ends in Jan) for another year, do you think I could qualify for SOC?

You can only extend for 6 months. I would not bank on GM giving you SOC even with the extension.

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