Getting a reasonable deal on an E-Tron in Georgia


Hello everyone! I’ve seen some very enticing E-Tron deals mostly in California. I’m well aware leasing in California is far more competitive than here in Georgia, so I am not even gunning for a similar deal (sub $500/m lease on P+).

That said, I’ve reached to an Audi dealer in metro Atlanta (there are a few that has 4 ~ 20 stocks near me). I’m waiting to hear back from all but one. The first one that got back to me laughed at my face (it was over email, but I could tell) and threw me a $1042/m (at 36 months / 12k miles year) on the first try. That’s only about $15000 discount on the MSRP (which is really just the Federal tax credit of $7500 with 10% MSRP discount through Costco). And she stresses that this has all the discounts already. I didn’t go further with negotiation, but I don’t think it’s even worth my time with this particular dealership.

Can someone please suggest how to approach this? She asks what my target monthly payment is. I can just blurt out $600 as my goal, but I’m afraid she might just tell me to go else where…


Don’t fall for that trick. Some of the deals you might have seen in the 500s have been for 10k miles or less, and also include the $2k loyalty incentive. If the dealer is “discounting” the car by $15k, they are not giving you any dealer discount. I believe there is $7500 marketing allowance on top of the $7500 lease cash (Totalling $15k).

Find another dealer in your area or look out of state.


Right I checked with Edmunds that indeed the $7500 marketing allowance is available in this area. So the dealer either didn’t know (which I highly doubt) or was just playing. I will re-adjust my expectation with the 10k miles / 2k loyalty incentive. Ty!

I would read over Leasing 101 and use the articles that @BoardWalkNJ linked to help you build the quote. The information on discounts (LH), incentives (Edmunds), MF (Edmunds), and RV (Edmunds) are available. Take that information, plug it into the calculator, structure the deal (make sure to detail and not just MP), and email it over to dealers.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I worked out the numbers with those details. I suppose I wasn’t sure how to approach the dealers. It feels like there is 1 internet sales person if I reach through dealers web. Do you suggest sending individual emails to different sales person even if they work for the same dealership?

Take a look at the contact page to find emails for GSM, GM, etc.

If those are not present, call the dealer and ask for the GSM or ISM.

There’s no one right or wrong way, but I wouldn’t send multiple emails to different sales people at the same dealership.

If that was their first reply, and it was over email from the internet guy, then of course its going to be out there. I would reply back something like “based on a X% discount plus Y incentives it looks like $650 is reasonable and where I’d like to be”.

I leased my current SQ5 out of Atlanta, the first email offer was BS of course but we quickly cut through the crap and reached a deal.