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Thank you Axxlrod, it was my pleasure!

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Hi George,
I am in the market for 2 cars: Lexus NX 300 - comfort pkg and Infinity QX60 (with drive assist)> Let me know if you can help me. Thanks!

do you mind sharing your deal?
I’m looking at A4 MSRP 42,000~44000 for a lease deal

Hello @GeorgeCSL , Looking for X3 or X5 with navigation, 36 months,12 K miles. Please let me know. Have Sam’s Club and Costco membership.

Hello Hackrs,

I’m just ironing out the last couple brands and should have my September specials posted today!

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,

Here are my lease specials for September! I look forward to helping many of you with new leases.

These are all 36 month leases, unless stated otherwise. $0 down payment.
Plus local taxes and fee’s(first payment, registration, tax, acquisition)

I will be adding more brands here soon, I just wanted to have something up right away.

Alfa Romeo: 10,000 miles per year, loyalty rebates available, 24 month lease.
2018 Giulia: $349
2018 Stelvio: $389

Audi: 7,500 miles per year, loyalty rebates available.
2018 A3 Premium: $279
2018 A4 Ultra: $305
2018 A4 Quattro: $345
2018 A5 Coupe: $409
2018 A5 Sport Back: $489
2018 Q3 Premium: $339
2018 Q5 Premium: $429
2018 Q7 2.0t Premium: $539

BMW: 10,000 miles per year, loyalty rebates available.
2018 320i: $279
2018 330i: $309
2018 330e: $329
2019 430i Cpe: $479
2019 430i GC: $479
2018 530e: $499
2018 X1: $369
2019 X3: $489
2018 X5: $599
2018 X5e: $649
2018 i3: $339

Infiniti: 10,000 miles per year, 39 month lease.
2018 Q50 3.0t Luxe: $299
2018 Q60 3.0t Luxe: $389
2019 QX50 Pure: $369(loyalty available)
2019 QX60 Pure: $389

Lexus: 7,500 miles per year.
2018 ES350: $269(loyalty available)
2018 IS300t: $269
2019 NX300: $319
2018 RX350: $369
2018 GX460: $499

Maserati: 10,000 miles per year, requires lease in household.
2018 Ghibli: $649
2018 Levante: $689

Mercedes: 7,500 miles per year, loyalty rebates available.
2018 CLA250: $269
2018 C300 Sedan: $339
2018 E300 Sedan: $529
2018 E400 Coupe: $629
2018 GLA: $289
2018 GLC: $379
2018 GLE: $549

Porsche 7,500 miles per year.
2018 Macan: $559
2018 Panamera: $989



I’m interested in a Lexus, please email me

I’m located in Milwaukee, WI. Would you be able to ship or can I arrange a shipping service?

Hi George ! On the ES350 what’s the trim level ? Also what would be the pricing on 10k and 12 K miles ?

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Hello Sunshine,

The specials above are on standard equipped vehicles. The ES350 has a MSRP of $40,229. The jump to 10,000 miles per year is typically $10 per month, followed by another $10 per month for 12,000 miles per year for most brands.

If you have specific options in mind, send me a direct message with what you are interested in and I’ll get you some quotes.

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Hi George,

Do you do/have a list of similar BMW deals?


Hello Viper,

I’ve added BMW. Updating you guys as I get them.

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Hello, Jeorge

Does Jeep count for the loyalty of Alfa Romeo?

Do you business in Connecticut?

Hi George interested in the Q50 3.0t Luxe can you email me the info to get started. iam located in socal

thank you

Yes, Jeep does count for loyalty on Alfa Romeo specials.

Hi George,

I am interested in 530e and QX60.

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@GeorgeCSL just pm’d you

Sent you an email.


Do these numbers already include tax or not?