GeorgeCSL Lease Deals. Updated Monthly!


HI george! Please contact me through ’ '. interested in leasing this month. IN so-cal. Thank You!!


Hey George, in LA. Looking for VW Gulf GTI SE with leather, could do Autobahn package as well. Can you PM me? Thanks


George, I am interested in an Audi A5, S4 or S5. Please contact me.


Hi George. I’m looking for a Mercedes SL 550. Please contact me. Thanks!


Hey George.

I’m looking for more info on an Audi A3 E-Tron. Would love to get more info:

Thank you so much!


Hi George, I am interested in leasing a new car within the next 2-3 days. Please let me know how much it would be for the Lexus 2018 IS 300 with the premium package (white exterior, any non-black interior) for 7,500mi/yr x 36 months. Also could you let me know how much an Audi A4 Premium Plus Ultra with ventilated front seats and the sport package would be? I want zero down and live in the SoCal area. Please contact me at thanks!


Hello! Im interested in an Audi A4.
I current A4 lease is up next week (08/16).
Please contact me.



Hi George,
I am looking to lease an Audi A3 or VW GTI. I would like 10,000 miles per year, zero down.

Please let me know if there’s any deals. My info is

Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi George, interested in leasing a c 300 in san diego in the next 2 weeks.


Hi George,

If see this can you respond to my email regarding the NX 300, F sport.


still haven’t gotten a


@GeorgeCSL Interested in a Q5 Premium Plus! Message me if you have recent deals.


@GeorgeCSL Hi George - Interested in the Audi A4 or A5. Message me if you have further details and/or need additional information from me. Thank you!


Hi George - looking to get an A3 premium plus with sports package immediately. please contact at


Hello @GeorgeCSL ,

I’ve been looked around for a good deal locally but haven’t had any luck. Dealers in general in my state (Oklahoma) are very hard to negotiate. Everyone just pays MSRP lol. Please contact me to go over the available deals on an Audi A3.

Thank you.


This goes beyond the A3- you sure you want to keep it in the same thread or perhaps change the title of thread?


Looking for A3 E-Tron, thanks!


Hi GeorgeCSL. I’m looking for Audi a3, a3 etron, and q3 numbers for lease. I’m in so cal. Can you email me:


Hey Alex,

Thanks, that is actually a good idea. I was not aware that I could change the title of the thread lol.


I’m interested in the 2018 Encore Preferred lease. How do I get started?