Genesis G80 - How bad?

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Yeah, definitely seems like it got worse when it switched from Hyundai to Genesis branding. Wonder why? Mine stickered at $50K and the adjusted cap cost ended up being $42K out the door.

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B/c Genesis has no coherent marketing strategy? :frowning: The brand has completely botched their launch, IMHO.

They’ve managed to establish themselves as a “luxury” brand that’s only eleven notches below Acura. That’s worth something.

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Yes but on the Genesis G80’s case it would list it below that if it had any, which it doesn’t. They didn’t include the loyalty or competitive rebate.

I think the Genesis sedans themselves are pretty compelling.

The prob is that the company doesn’t seem to realize that they need to rip a page from the Lexus playbook and provide outstanding customer service, in addition to heavily subsidizing lease prices (which would be the 2019 equivalent of Lexus offering a shockingly low MSRP back in 1990).

I think Acura is totally a lost cause, although the latest Acura concept looks nice enough.


Agreed. My experience with INFINITI has been overwhelmingly positive as well… both sales and service. My sample size with this brand is one, but the dealer where I got mine (Kearny Mesa INFINITI in San Diego) has been amazing for the entire eight years I’ve had the car.

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I had a good experience when I went in for an Infiniti test drive eons ago (7+ yrs ago). I just wish I found the cars more compelling. They used to be the poor-man’s BMW, but I don’t know what the heck they are now. The QX50 looks very nice, but the rest of the lineup leave me cold.

Rightly or wrongly, I also associate Nissan w/ making some crap (or, perhaps more accurately, mediocre) cars, and I just can’t shake the association when I look at Infiniti.

Back to Genesis… They might be taking on the poor-man’s BMW position (which is not a bad place to be).

I like the Infinity, actually that was what I was initially looking at until I looked at the Genesis. I was a little underwhelmed with the test drive of the Infinity.

Do you mean the Q50? I haven’t driven any Genesis or the current Q50, but I imagine that the Genesis would be a better driver (given all the complaints about the Q50 drive-by-wire system), and the G80 also seems considerably more luxurious.

I drove both QX50 and Q50. QX50 is what I liked, but hard to compare it to the Genesis. Yes, you can tell Infinity is behind the curve, especially on technology.

They don’t really offer anything I want now, but in 2011 I was in the market for a ~$50k convertible that had a back seat, and I also didn’t want something that 2 million other San Diegans were driving around (BMW).

So it was the G37 or the Lexus IS, the latter of which was just a butchered up sedan – and looked like it.

A lot of Genesis dealers are Hyundai and are pretty bad in term of service. However, in terms of pure car, ignore the price and dealership experience, I really liked Genesis G80

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How does one ignore service, price and dealership experience?

From the car. Say from a pure hypothetical perspective I gifted you the car. You don’t care about making payments and service is once a year or something. In that case, how would you experience be with the car?

Alternatively, if I were to get a BMW from my local BMW dealer, I would say it everything was awful, in terms of price, service and dealership experience, like just everything. Does that ruin BMW for me? No it does not

If you’re willing to spring for the car, I’m willing to give this a try and get back to you.

Aside from that, go sell your crazy somewhere else. :slight_smile:

would you like a manicure when you are signing your car too?

Even the Walmart near our house has a place to get a manicure, and Walmart is rarely my baseline for anything.

I want a manicure…oh wait, this is about Genesis, lol. Well at least they do pick up the car for service right

Doubt you’ve ever sat in, driven, or even looked at a picture of a Genesis on the internet.

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