Genesis G80 - How bad?

You cannot sit in or drive cars on the internet.

But what you can do on the internet is bust into a thread where OP is dealing for a Genesis, and then insert your negative opinion of the brand that nobody asked for.


Thank you for clarifying,

Any thoughts or suggestions on this lease offer for a 2019 G80 3.8 with the Ultimate package?

MSRP: 53,335
Selling Price: 47,450
36 mo / 10k miles
Residual 52%
MF .00008
Down Payment: 2,000
Post Sales Rebate 3,000
Pre tax monthly: 519
Drive off: 3,219 - 3,000 rebate = 219

Just one…Ouch.

16.7% off MSRP with rebates. Ouch good?

I’m not following the down payment and drive-off. I get that 3219 is DAS and 3k post sale rebate brings you to 219, what’s the other 2000 “down payment”?

Mostly skin off someone else’s back. I’m hearing these aren’t selling super well and for returning lessors they are taking a big haircut without manufacturer incentives.

I’d want to see numbers with $0 DAS and I suspect you can do better.

Is there actually a post-sale rebate or do you have an incentive/rebate in the wrong area on the calculator. Post-sale rebates are not particularly common, other than state tax incentives on EVs

An effective $608+tax on a $53k car. I wouldn’t classify that as good. It’s not horrible for a Genesis.
Having looked at the Genesis I don’t see anything that would justify that kind of monthly payment. Definitely much better values for the payment.

$2,000 down is the lease down payment and part of drive off. Applying the rebate to the drive off brings it down to $219. That’s very close to $0 DAS.

I’m turning in a leased 2016 Genesis. The rebate in 2016 was $6,000, so for Genesis that’s not uncommon.

Still not following. 2k is an incentive from Genesis for returning lease customers or it’s money you have to put down for this lease?

Ehh splitting hairs but no. If the post sale rebate comes back 30 days after delivery and car is totaled on day 31, you lost your $3219 out of pocket. If you pay $0 at signing and take the rebate, same scenario you are out 2 slightly higher payments and keep the rebate.

Total 36 month lease cost is $19,877 or $552/mo including drive off, tax and all fees.

*after post sale rebate

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I’m shocked that there’s a post sale rebate available. Are you sure it’s post sale?

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$2K is the down to reduce cap cost. Cap cost is $45,450.
$3K is the total rebate for loyalty and other rebates. There is no option from Genesis to take the rebate as cash.

Yes, same was true when I leased the 2016 Genesis.

They sent you a check after the fact for a loyalty rebate?

No, it was applied to drive off cost. The drive off cost for my 2016 was $6,000. Rebate was $6,000. Drive off equal $0

Ok, so it isn’t a post-sale rebate then.

So are you actually putting $2k down or are they just applying the rebate as a cap cost reduction?

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Even at $552 I don’t think it’s a good deal for the G80. Frankly - it sounds like no matter what anyone says you want to do the deal. If you want it just get it.