Genesis G80 - How bad?

Not sure how bad this is, but I do realize Genesis doesn’t lease well either. (couldnt get the calculator to match totally the worksheet, but it’s somewhat close)
Model - Genesis G80 3.8 w/sport package

Pretty good deal for a G80! Let’s see pics!

Doesn’t seem great to me. For comparison, I leased a G80 Ultimate package a few years ago with a $50K MSRP, 36 months, 15K miles per year, zero drive off for $500/mo including tax with a free iPad thrown in by the dealership as well. I know a deal from a few years ago isn’t that helpful now…but still, this seems pricey, especially with only 10K miles a year.

Yea, i haven’t signed yet, still in discussions. Genesis dealers really dont seem to work on their pricing much, at least in my experience.

Are you getting Loyalty, Conquest, Military Rebates?

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No, unfortunately I do not qualify for any of them…

Well IMHO I would lease a BMW 5 Series for less than that.

But if you have your heart set on the Genesis (which is a nice car), I would ask for 15 percent off and settle at 12-13% off. Email the dealers around I mean being you qualify for no rebates and the residuals are low, you can only do so much…

Maybe wait and see if they put money on the hood or go for a BMW 5 series?

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Interesting though, never really considered BMW but perhaps I should take a look.

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Look at a loaner for better deal on a BMW but if you search the forums for new deals on them you’ll see people are in the 400-600 range depending on the model.

Being in MD try the southern MD dealer or Virginia dealers since competition is more abundant there. Silver Springs BMW is a good one also. Just find a deal (with incentives you qualify for, use Edmunds to find the MF and Residual, and find a BMW 5 series you like on the website), contact the dealer, if new ask for 18-20% off settle on 12-15% off MSRP before incentives (don’t take the “that’s unheard of blah blah blah”, look at the deals on the forums and youll see otherwise) , or if loaner try for 25% off settle for 20% off. Get the base MF and Residual (post you model and zip code in the Edmund forms (search google)). Email the dealers asking this from the sales manager don’t go in, don’t waste the time. Or just use a broker

(Maybe contact them on some of the loaners if they’ll deal in MD which im not sure)

Genesis is arguably a better car than a 530 or 540. You’ll never get 12% off though. They simply don’t discount that way. Granted I haven’t priced the G80 but on the G70 best you could get was 5% when I looked and that was pretty tough

Well that’s subjective. I get you have a Genesis G70 but just cause youre passionate about the brand doesn’t make it the best thing since sliced bread. If that was the case then Genesis would be outselling BMW which it clearly isn’t. BMW are better cause they lease better for the price, this is leasehackr after all. I do like the look of Genesis but fact are is they don’t lease well.

And well this was for the G80 which have been on sale a while versus the G70. So their more incentive to move these.


Definitely subjective and I love lots of cars! I’ve owned BMW, Mercedes, and now a G70. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses. My biggest complaint with recent BMWs is the driving dynamics have gone soft and the interiors are kind of low rent for the money. I couldn’t get over the cheap plastic around the shifter on the m340i! Agreed that there are amazing deals to be had on the BMWs though and it’s certainly a ridiculously nice automobile!

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A deal from a few years ago isn’t a good comparison. That discount is pretty good, since most dealers won’t move past invoice.

For the G80? Even CarGurus show a great price $40000 which is below invoice which is $41567:



I agree that the Genesis has a lot of options for the money. Building a comparable BMW would likely be a much higher MSRP. However, if the dealers don’t work on their pricing/residuals…etc, the end result is the BMW may be cheaper to lease.


g80 has 1500 either in competitive (most high line brands) or loyal (genesis brand)

this will have a decent impact in your pricing - there is no one in the same household and same last name that has either competitive or loyal? as car doesnt have to be in your name

I have a Nissan/Toyota/Honda…none of which are the “high line” brands…

One thing to remember about true car and car gurus is their pricing includes factory rebates as it represents the final sales price

Yea, some dealers are quick to remind you of that as well… BTW, nice G70! That’s the model that brought me to look at Genesis, but back seat is a tad tight.

Thanks! No kids yet so the only thing on my back seat is my gym bag and possibly a niece or nephew from time to time. But you’re right, the back seat leg room is tight! It’s more like a coupe with an extra set of doors haha. I’ve definitely enjoyed the genesis more than I expected :slight_smile: it’s an amazing time to be a car fanatic with so many great options