Genesis G70 Offer - Long Island

I got this offer on a G70 3.3t Elite. $519.99 a month . 36/12.
48,770 MSRP. First and DMV DAS. 49% RV.

4000 lease cash and 1000 conquest makes up the 5k in rebates.
I cannot get it to work in the calculator. What do you Ladies/Gentlemen think. I really think i can get below 500/month. Can any brokers do better ?

9% dealer discount is probably as good as it is going to get on a G70 unless you can find a super motivated dealer looking to move some metal before the end of the month…


With 198 miles on it even. How attached are you to the G70? Don’t lease especially well.

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I like the car. It drove better than the 330i x drive I tested. its got the V6 . To get a similarly equipped 330 I’m looking around the same price range (Long Island BMW dealerships don’t seem to want to deal. They get dozens of suckers a day why would they). To get the 6 cylinder M340i X drive forget about it.

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Your money… and just my opinion… but if I had $500/month to spend I’d be traveling a bit to a motivated BMW/Infiniti/Lexus dealer and driving a nicer car back home.

What cars from those manufacturers are “nicer”? Just a question.

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It’s a badge thing. If you did a comparison without the badges inside or out between this and a similarly equipped BMW, Audi, etc. most people wouldn’t be able to tell difference.

That’s what I was getting at. Certainly driven everything out there at this price point and the G70 is solidly equipped.


When you say a nicer car it would be a “nicer “ brand but it would have WAY less options. I have been looking at M340 S4 and G70 and yes when you compare to the MSRP they don’t lease well but when you compare what you are getting for the monthly payments versus the competition it is good. To get a comparably equipped M340 would be $200 more a month you would need to check every option box. Have you seen the options list on the top trim G70? So yes it’s a lot for a Hyundai but you get a lot.

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Yes BMW’s lease better than these but please dont recommend a Inifiniti to anyone. I mean why even do such a terrible thing to people :wink:.

@Long_island have you searched the forums? Try to replicate this deal:


You might find a faster car at an Infiniti dealer, but it certainly wouldn’t be nicer.


I think my main question was not whether or not there’s better cars out there or there’s better lease deals out there. Simply just is this a good deal on this particular car. I attached the lease sheet and everything I was able to get out of the dealership. Same guy texted me today saying the rebates got even better hes checking to see exactly what they are.

I think they’re good cars, but man, I still think their leasing options are far behind the competition. Many have said you’re better off financing a G70 than to lease. Out here in IL they wanted $3k down for $560 a month on a 36mo/10Kmi lease. The lowest I got them was $530. I still don’t think the G70 is worth over $500 per month on a lease basis. For some reason they have this border to not go under $500.

Salesmen called me back stating rebates went up to 5500 + 1000 conquest = 6500… hes claiming he can get me $479 with just first and DMV. I asked him to send me the lease sheet . Waiting on that now .


If it’s between a 330i or a G70 3.3 I’d take the G70 but if you can afford around 620-640$ you could definitely get into a M340i. Contact @Volvo easy.

have you watched the reviews or better yet driven the new G70?? it’s plenty powerful, actual sports sedan sized like a E92 3 series type, handles very well, looks are subjective of course but its refreshing and sharp. Interior is no Audi/or Benz but still nice. For 10-15k less than its competition. I drive an M340i but still had I wanted to stick to my original budget more I’d have considered a G70 easy. What else in this segment would you prefer a Kia Stinger?? The 3.3 is certainly more car than a 330i or an A4.

If I can really get 479 first and DMV down. on a 3.3T Elite I’m going to take it . msrp is 48,770. The cars have been on the lot for a while now and I’m working a two car deal one for me and one for a close buddy of mine.

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Of course. I feel as if inside it is just a rebadged Kia Optima SX-L (nothing wrong with that, but not for 20k more). It uses the same navigation interface system from the 2011 Kia Optima SX-L, the leather and stitching is also right of out the SX-L trim. It even has the same smell inside and plastic trim. The blinker sound, and other things give a very strong resemblance to the Optima. Drive wise, it has good acceleration, but I still think that an Infiniti Q50RS or Audi S4 is a much better buy for the money. Those who don’t like Infiniti’s touchscreens and platform may go and buy something else. The S4 lacks a touchscreen and is a problem to some also, with it’s limited space in the back. The BMW 3 series I would not even want to look at, but that is just me. Either way, I think all the cars in this class are respectable, but I wouldn’t want to pay 500+ for a Hyundai branded vehicle.

The only Genesis I actually like the is the G80 3.3T, but that car is absurdly expensive, yet I do like it’s style and interior. It’s very upscale, comfortable, and unique. If it could be had in the upper 400’s, I wouldn’t mind giving one a try. I can’t justify paying $750 for a G80, when for 400+ you can pretty much get many luxury vehicles.

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So you would rather pay more and get far Less with another car? Like I said above I am in the market and have been looking at all these cars. I can get a top trim G70 for $550 you can’t get any m340 for that. you are not comparing Apples to apples for the same price you would get a stripped beemer or a loaded G70. I am sorry but it is hard to take your recommendations seriously when you recommend an Infiniti with this 2008 tech over a G70.

I wouldn’t take the Infiniti for $100 less per month.