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Trust the reviews, Sam is great.

I submitted a Google Forms inquiry at 3PM on a Wednesday, he texted me at 3:30PM, and we had a deal arranged by 5:30PM that same day. I was able to pick up the car a couple of days later (based on my availability), and it was a smooth process at the dealership – all the paperwork prepared and there was no hassling besides being given an option to select additional excess wear & tear coverage by the finance person (it wasn’t a hard sell though).

I went with one of Sam’s one time pay deals on the Ioniq 5 Limited RWD. I looked at the other brokers out there on LeaseHackr, and his offerings are hard to beat. I would definitely use Sam again next time I need a lease. Thanks!

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Would highly recommend Sam and GC auto brokers! Same hooked me up with an amazing Chevy blazer deal and qualified me for additional discounts. The deal he got me beat every broker on LeaseHackr. I appreciated his quick replies and thoroughness. Will definitely work with him again. Thanks Sam!

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Was skeptical how this broker things works/ is legit, like anyone… ok so this is for anyone worried: don’t be. And I say it because my deal was NOT smooth and had any reason to be a “I told you so don’t do this” story. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I closed with Sam/GC on the OTD price and in SMS he confirmed all the discounts it is based on. paid the fee…

Problem: 24 hours later Sam tells me the discounts cannot be stacked and the dealer can’t honor our price. oh oh… :cold_face:

First (correct) GC action: immediately followed up with a reassurance that I will get my fee refunded if they can’t fix it.

Second (best) GC action: They asked for 24 hours more to try and get a plan b executed, finding an alternative dealer that can honor the price by replacing the discounts to compensate for the problem we had.

Result: Sam found a dealer willing to match the price (it was $50 difference total), car was delivered to my house, and all the time you get Sam check on you, on the dealers communication and even validates the lease details if you ask him to prior to singing.

Sam didn’t only deliver a deal, they acted as a private concierge service being on your side until the car is in your driveway. Highly recommended.

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I worked with GCAuto, and they had some of the most competitive lease prices and best customer service. Not only did he go out of his way to find me a Northern California dealer, he also matched AND lowered an already competitive dealer quote. He quoted me $9200 + broker fee for a Ioniq 5 Limited one-pay that ended up being a only $9007 + broker fee. This was possibly the easiest and best broker I have ever worked with, and I highly recommend him to anyone.

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GCAuto Broker is legit,

It was my first time going through a broker to lease a vehicle and the process was really smooth. They guided me through the steps and were patient answering my questions.

This will definitely be my preferred way to aquire vehicles moving forward!

I’m in NorCal and initially, there weren’t any deals here, I had to go pickup at SoCal. Unfortunately that wasn’t possible for me at the time so we didn’t do a deal. A week or two later, GCAuto contacted me that they found a deal on the Ionic 5 Limited RWD I was looking for in NorCal!

From broker fee payment to taking delivery of the car was less than 2 days (dealers busy on the weekends).

I had a great experience with GCAuto. They got me an excellent deal on an Ariya ev. Everything went perfectly. Definitely would recommend these guys.