FYI: BestUsedTires is Now TireMart (And Completely Unrecognizable)

I’ve been procrastinating replacing the rear tires on my car, but today became the day to hatch a plan. :hatching_chick:

Since I went through the first pair in under 9,000 miles I thought I’d check so I can drive like a frugal a-hole for the next x,000.

That URL now redirects to, which seems to specialize mainly in tire brands that are … well, these are my choices in the size I need:

Did a quick google search and found this.

Out of that list I’ve only used kumhos. I’d use them again if I had to.

I don’t mind the Korean/Japanese tire companies but I’d still avoid the China ones. But I don’t really have a good reason lol.

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Hmmm…wonder what the selling point is for ‘Lionhart’.

I decided on the pair from Lmao.


Interesting! I have used BestUsedTires in the past and had a good experience.

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I was looking there last night.

I haven’t cast a very wide net yet, but

“BestUsedTires” is now CheapNewTires

Bestusedtires is highly talked about, but they didn’t have any OEM tires for my 2020 XC60. Nor any for XC90s. Maybe they have new inventory lately but United Tires ( seems to have a lot more inventory.

Customer service was great. The tire that did get shipped ended up with a gauge in it that leaked air. Who knows if my installer screwed it up or it was missed during QA…they promptly shipped me a new tire free of charge via FedEx shipping.

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There is an old thread on this already.


There is also


If you want to you can consolidate into:

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That makes sense for the non-BUT posts.

If you have time, feel free to sweep them over. I’ve been called out twice during this meeting already for not paying attention… and these kind folks are trying to get something done for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I moved the tire shopping threads that are unrelated to the subject of this post over to the Tire Hackr thread.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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