Forgive Me Hackrs For I Have Sinned - '22 Subaru Crosstrek

After 27 years of back-to-back leases, I cashed in my chips and left the casino.

Combining the most egregious of Hackr no-no’s, I purchased an entirely sensible and boring new car. At full MSRP. Paid in full. Directly off the dealer lot. Not sure I can even look at myself in the mirror any longer. :grin:


2022 Crosstrek Premium 6MT
MSRP: $25,025 (sticker printed pre-increase)
Doc Fee: $399
Tax: $1,059.16
Plates: $276.88

OTD: $26,760.04

Mats & sunshade are the only accessories. No blessings needed.

Going to miss handing the keys back over at the end of the heavily subsidized leases with thousands in negative equity, rinsing and repeating. But these are some crazy times we’re in right now, calling for some foolish decisions to be made. :grin:


I’m guessing no dealers would accept the ASCPA discount in Hawaii. Plus super rare to find a premium in manual. So I’d say you did pretty good.

Besides if you truly wanted to roll in all the LH no-no’s, you’d roll in equity from a trade into the deal, haha.

You are hereby absolved of all your sins as you did not pay adm and blessings. Remember, blessings should be had at the church and not the dealership.


Can’t go wrong with a Subaru in any market :point_up::+1:

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Honestly, not a bad deal at all - and it’ll hold its value well. The nice thing about a $25k MSRP is (a) taxes are cheap and (b) even a big percentage discount wouldn’t be all that much cash saved.


We could start a club. “Reformed Hackrs in Subarus”

Although I’ve had a couple more leases after that purchase, so not really reformed. Oh well.


I might be renewing my lapsed membership…

OP congratulations and enjoy the Crosstrek. You did great in the current market.

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Congrats. Coworker just bought a 2022 Crosstrek in manual as well, it seems like not many folks are after manual cars, those are available here on the eastcoast.


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I drove a cross trek and thought it was better than I had expected. I’ll leave it at that :slight_smile:

Definitely not a vehicle I’d want to drive long distances at triple digit speeds or take to the drag strip. But on an island where the highest speed limit is 55, things move at a slower pace, and gas is rapidly approaching $6/gallon, it’ll work just fine.

The ride quality and driving experience are actually quite a bit better than expected for a $2x,000 tin can. I’ve driven vehicles 3x as expensive with worse steering and suspension tuning.


My fiancé has a ‘19 crosstrek premium with auto trans and I drove it on a 2.5 hour 1-way trip and back in the triple digits occasionally and i loved it. It was super smooth, acceleration is nice, it’s reliable, and it holds its value extremely well even before covid. Great buy


The autopilot works quite well also. Great car, drivability bests many with much higher msrp, and resale will be super strong. Love that’s it’s a 6MT. Enjoy!

Being a hacker as well, I have flipped 2 cars in the last year and just got another one. All purchases. In May of last year bought a new 2020 Passat R line. Sold it in November and made 5k. Replaced it with base 2021 WRX for MSRP plus some stupid glass protection. Just sold the wrx for $250 less than what I paid for it. And just got a 2022 WRX premium for $1,300 off MSRP. Love the car….so, adjusting is ok sometimes :slight_smile:


how many miles ? damage ?

Well done. My father has one. I love it for the price, it is definitely a great car. Now I understand why subarus are well loved.

If you are referring to the 2022 wrx - brand new.

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They’re updating the cross trek for 2023?

On a side note, crazy to think the cheapest manual hatchback Civic is almost $26k and the AWD Crosstrek Premium undercuts that.


What about in Russia?

In that case, you simply ‘can’t go’

(Unless that is I can interest you in a 2024 Muskovite based on a rejected Chinese car platform without pesky western nonsense like power windows, anti lock brakes or airbags)