Forgive Me Hackrs For I Have Sinned - '22 Subaru Crosstrek

In russia you can lease one of these.

Soviet-era vehicles are indestructible. Car leases you.


Tons of them in nyc lately. I have no idea why.

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Youtubers fled.


Latvian plates.

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6MT for 25k sounds tempting, too bad it isn’t turbo

I also bought a Crosstrek my child…however I found a dealer that would do the VIP price for the ASPCA donation for 2% below invoice. In this market, I do believe it to be a smoking deal!..You still have much to learn obi-wan

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Must have bought it a few months ago, because they dont offer the 2% back of invoice just invoice now.

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ASPCA isn’t valid in Hawaii (where OP is)

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sounds like I might need to flip it then ! lol