Ford Mustang Mach-E

Anyone seen any good deals on any of the Mach-E models? I just got quoted $814/month with $250 drive-off for 10k miles on the base model with a 44k MSRP…

Also, why aren’t they factoring in the rebate? A couple of dealers I reached out to said that I would have to claim that myself during tax season.

Apologies if all of this makes me sound like a complete newbie. It’s been 4 years since I last had a car.


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Negative ghost rider we currently do not do domestic brands.

Nonetheless I’ve had close to half a dozen pms requesting a 4xE

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You’re contradicting yourself here…


I put a deposit on f150 lightning hope this tax situation will we worked out by then.

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This was posted on the mach-e forums. Ford has the same price for MSRP/Invoice and dealer gets the profit from the sale of the vehicle. This doesn’t stop a)bad dealers from adding additional markup to that. b) volume good dealers to provide some discounts from their profit structure.

X-plan discounts come from Ford, is 2% below MSRP plus $275 administrative fee




Which means this isn’t the tesla model where what you see is what you get, which was the point


You win :slight_smile: What you is what you get in most cases (a) unless rouge dealer markup b) qualify for a/z/x plan c) ) work with the 1-2 dealers that discount beyond a/z/x plan)

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I’m not following. Where is the dealer profit if they don’t mark up past MSRP? Is it just that 1% in yellow? If so, that is pretty awful and leaves no room for discounting, IMHO.

Its 1% from vehicle sale and 3.9% after they fulfill other conditions I think.

Dropping the Mach-E as an option. Seems too complicated to lease this vehicle. Thanks everyone for your inputs!

This is will be super interesting on the used market. I’m curious how much value it will retain. A three-year-old Mach-E at $25,000 would be incredibly attractive.

Have you looked at used Focus electrics?

Entirely different game.

Consumers don’t want EV’s with ~ 80 miles of range. It’s simply not practical except for local city driving. Desirable EV’s like the Mach-E with usable electric range on the other hand could hold value like a Tesla.

Hopefully it should do a lot better

More buzz/PR
More desirable body style
More range
Novelty factor
Placed much higher in the Ford model hierarchy


My neighbor just bought one. I sat in it the other day. I like it. Would shortlist for the next EV I get.


It is doing well. My friend has no Tesla’s in his neighborhood yet one of his neighbors bought a Mach-E. This is appealing to an entirely different market.

Though dont forget you are taxed on 40k vs 18k


very nice vehicle. only cancelled my MY order since elon decided lumbar and radar wasn’t important for vehicles ordered months ago.

Not playing alpha tester for Tesla Vision, so got a mach-e.

Seems I got the red carpet lease and it’s over msrp to purchase at end, so I’ll ride it like a rented mule, Clarkson rental car style.