Ford Mustang Mach-E : Nationwide

Got a mustang-mach e for ~5k down / 599/mo in NJ. Premium, AWD, standard range, MSRP of ~52K.

Anyone have dealers who are making deals, have stock, or are just not trying to sell it over sticker?

Looking for trends as it took me 5+ dealers in NJ to find one who didn’t want 3-5k over sticker, but they do seem to be making it on the back-end (at lease purchase) but figuring that out myself.

Just looking for trends.

@Qbrozen hoping this is ok - Wanted to continue discussing the Mach-E and dealers in general around the US like the last thread, closed last evening. I already have one, and accept I might have signed something stupid after looking that the monthly payment and down payment were right.

I believe it partially got closed because you are confused whether total lease payments (including interest, fees and taxes) + RV should be expected to be less than sticker, and people started flaming… (hint answer is no)

Btw the only thing relevant to whether you should keep it or treat it as a rental is RV vs expected market price. Lease payment are sunk cost / totally irrelevant to the decision to buy or return at end.

If anything the low RV on Fords should make it more likely there’s a buyout.


Awesome, another person who didn’t read the thread, or this one. Do you all just run in to defend?

There are not taxes on EV’s in NJ. Already have the seller at the dealer working on it, and seeing why I wasn’t presented with Ford Options.

Please don’t derail a Mustang Mach-E thread with 3 edits in 2 minutes.

You need to start proofreading your threads, or complete a thought before posting, you just made 3-4 edits in 2 minutes.

There are no taxes on EV in NJ. Don’t get this thread closed. Thanks!

See DMs you goober. No where I said it should be less than MSRP, I was wondering my all fees, lease payments + RV were roughly 9 thousand over with option to purchase, I know what normal fees are… I’ve leased 4 vehicles in the last 18 months.

Please don’t run into threads without any info, a misunderstanding of the last thread, and try to derail it.

I haven’t read the thread and don’t care to do so, however I can tell you your demeanor is extremely off putting. You are very condescending and insulting and their is no place for that on this site. You can be “right” and still be wrong.


I have edited some of the content here and will TRY to leave this open temporarily to help you out. But if you can’t be civil, it will be shut down and deleted. Name calling and foul language has no place here.

Now, as to your question: nobody can get a deal on this car in this market where you won’t pay over sticker once all interest and fees are factored in. I now assume what you are trying to say, but have not been clear on, is that you find it tough to swallow paying $60k for a $52k car, if you factor in the residual. Is that correct? So you are seeking any leads on a better deal and are asking the community if they know of any, yes?

PS: what I can’t seem to fix is that you tagged your own response as a “solution.” If you feel you have truly solved your issue, let me know and I’ll close the thread.

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Help me out with more specific math, please. So we have $5k down (is that “down” or “due at signing”?) plus 599/mo. That adds up to $25,965 over 36 mos. From what others are saying, RV should be 57%, or $29,640. Those add up to $55.6k. Can you clarify for us where the other $5k is?

That’s what the salesman is figuring out for me today. Few discrepancies here and there like a maintenance plan, then it was added as a rebate. Vehicle seemed around 3-4k what it should be more at lease purchase.

Opened the thread because the last Mach-E thread was actually gaining traction with others talking about what they were being quoted before a TH came in and trashed it.

That’s why I had no time for someone else to come in and derail it.

Y’all really seem to be threatened by the Mach-E threads because I cannot post one without people running in and making stupid jokes (yes it’s not exactly MSRP) - so I didn’t say it should be below (carhax maybe was tired)

It was more the 5k discrepancy on how plus down + lease payments we got to over 60k. Getting a call today on that and why I wasn’t presented with Ford Options.

It would help you immensely if you continue to be clearer in your questions, numbers, and confusion. I think we are FINALLY getting somewhere. Again, if you can keep it civil, we can continue.

I can keep deleting offending posts or shut it down completely. Up to you.


@Qbrozen Why you ninja editing my original post?

You made it sound like I don’t have the car in my driveway.

There’s editing to be civil, but that’s removing the point. I have the car. If the other thread wasn’t mucked up you’d see

a) have the car
b) I’m okay as the monthly and down are the same, it’s the ability to buy @ end of purchase which is roughly 4-5k off. Guy at Fullerton is calling me today.

The monthly and downpayment looked good & I was given the 2.5 hour wait at the dealer, which made me sign away after seeing the DAS and monthly were. These were all removed context due to the other Mustang thread being closed, while it was gaining traction.

There was a ton more context in the other thread that others seem to be missing, including why I’m frustrated. People came in starting saying it was tax, etc… in NJ on a pure EV.

Thanks for being the most rational one on here.

Little upset as LH’s made me almost avoid a VCFS lease buy-out which worked brilliantly. So I’m a little pre-conditioned now to call them out on BS - my bad. A lot of context was lost because I didn’t realize the 1st Mustang Mach-E was tagged so-cal.

Apologize, but still learning all these seemingly arbitrary rules, like no talking NJ in a so-cal thread

max_g is why you and others are confused, you can keep editing all day for all I care - just don’t edit the OP where the car is in my driveway. I’m not asking to pull the trigger.

That’s what I was asking. In the last thread someone was quoted 10k over sticker. I’m looking for those trends. I’m not trying to Encyclopedia Brown my way to the number with LH’s helping. Apologize if that was not clear.

Ah, well, that’s where clarity comes in, too. I did not realize you already signed. In that case, not sure why you are looking for people’s suggestions for other dealers. What good would that do? Deal is signed. What does the RV state on your contract?

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It was all in the last generic Mustang Mach-E thread. Another person and I were discussing how dealers are looking for thousands over MSRP to begin with.

I got MSRP, but a little extra funny business thrown in on the back-end that’ll be fixed / clarified today.

Honestly wanted a thread on here because other people wanted to see what Mustang Mach-E’s were going for.

Original mach-E thread was gaining traction until someone came in spouting numbers, and my sciatica already had in a piss poor mood.

Most of the context is in the last thread. These apparently are going for $3k - 5k over sticker in NJ, apparently $10k in another state. That’s the interesting part.

This is basically the last Mustang Mach-E thread but tagged ‘nationwide’ so other people can post. Sorry for lack of clarification. Can you merge in the relevant parts of the original Mach-E thread where another person mentioned his local pricing? That’s where the context was lost.

Ty for understanding

Anyone seen any good deals on any of the Mach-E models? I just got quoted $814/month with $250 drive-off for 10k miles on the base model with a 44k MSRP…

Also, why aren’t they factoring in the rebate? A couple of dealers I reached out to said that I would have to claim that myself during tax season.

Apologies if all of this makes me sound like a complete newbie. It’s been 4 years since I last had a car.


If this is a finance you have to claim the rebate when your doing your taxes. If its a lease, the leasing company claims it and applies that discount to the car.

That’s what I thought too! This was a lease conversation so I was very confused as to why and how I would claim the tax rebate and not them

Maybe they were quoting you for Ford’s balloon financing? It is lease-like in some ways (similar to BMW owners choice) but you would be the car owner and would claim the tax rebate yourself. They’ve advertised this heavily for the Mach e.


Pretty sure he mentioned that if I do the balloon financing, they can apply the rebate to the payments. Maybe he was confused lol. Even with the 7.5k credit, that number seems ridiculous. Don’t you think?

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Well not always. Ford also does a balloon loan leasing in which you finance the car with a guaranteed balloon payment at the end of the term. That amount is guaranteed and you can always walk away.

You are able to claim Federal, State, and local incentives as you technically have purchased the car and it is registered in your name, and for all intensive legal determinations, is your car (with a lien).

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