Ford Mustang Mach-E -- MY23 Order Banks are Open

Agree that shouldn’t show if you click “lease”. If you click info, it brings up all the qualifying aspects for getting the tax credit. None of that applies to leasing.

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Wow, Vroom made a good offer a few weeks ago and today it says “We are not purchasing Ford Mustang Mach-E vehicles at this time, and are unable to provide a price for you.”

I just checked their website and it says 35 are on the lot. I’m suspecting some may be sold orders, but interestingly 9 are GTs

Where has this been confirmed?

I wonder how low they’ll be willing to go. Maybe they’ll hold til after March when Teslas won’t get EV credit.

Tesla’s will.

M3 rwd will prob get half. The other models currently eligible - half or full. But if they only get half, it’s very possible mme will be similarly impacted.

I heard back from someone at Tesla via text message this morning. If this is true, then the short window of time where it made sense to lease a Tesla (last month) is now over😁

“The Tax incentive would not apply to leasing. Only cash or finance purchases”.

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Do you know what battery composition is with the Ford MME ?

My MME order was shipped and last time in KC, MO but my delivery keeps getting shifted.

Hoping mine arrives before the IRS rules on the battery…

I forgot to add one other trivial but possibly relevant comment:

The tailgate of the MME is made of plastic (I think). I tried to attached a “Student Driver” magnet when my son was driving the car. The magnet wouldn’t attach to any part of the rear tailgate. Just an FYI in case you were planning on using your beach magnets or school PTA magnets on an MME. :sunglasses:

Ha, try my Lightning - it’s all aluminum body and nothing magnetic sticks to it!

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Have an offer for basically my buyout for our Premium. Really considering selling it and picking up a MY, but my wife really likes Carplay.

If anything, I would not expect Tesla to passthrough credit on leasing until after March. Try and get as many cash/finance purchases done as possible between now and when guidance for mineral/component minimums is given.

Yeah, although it is fun to speculate here as to what their reasons may be for whatever decisions are made, we can be sure they are basing those decisions on some master plan… whether the master plan is correct or not might be another story.

Delivery slipping again - 3rd time.

Now they say 1/25-1/31. :zipper_mouth_face:

At this pace, I might get it in March when the battery rules apply… :exploding_head:

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Mine is still December 2022 :joy:

Finally took delivery of my MME Premium that was ordered in April.

Did Ford Option.

I am slightly concerned because the contract only lists the Xplan price of 55449. There is no mention of destination fee etc. I asked if the contract can break the car price vs destination price and they can’t do it. I have an invoice and the window sticker showing the 56275 and the destination is 1300 so the car is $25 below 55k thus qualifies for the fed rebate. However if there is an audit and the IRS agent is stickler and only looks at the contract the 55449 may be an issue.



No worries about the tax credit - your X plan is fine.

It’s the MSRP less D&D that counts.

Does not matter if you paid ADM or discount below MSRP - the sticker is what they go by.

If Tesla had CarPlay I’d sell mine too. I can’t have a car without it now.

I honestly thought the same, and when I first found out Tesla did not offer CarPlay… quite frankly I was shocked. However, after being with the car for six or seven weeks now, I find the non-CarPlay infotainment integration is so good I really don’t care about CarPlay.

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I don’t need CarPlay either.

BUT I have a hard time living without a 360 camera and blindspot monitors on the mirrors. I almost smacked a speeding motorcyclist a few evenings ago. It was late/dark and I didn’t see him in the side mirror (but the orange light was on). I thought it was safe to change lanes - just as he ripped by. I would have crushed him with a Model Y… but I decided to trust the orange light and wait an extra second.

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