Ford Mustang Mach-E -- MY23 Order Banks are Open

If you want a MY 2022 Mach-E, order one by Friday, April 8th at 9pm PST, which is when the order books close.

It should be fairly straightforward to find a dealer that will sell you an ordered car for MSRP; some may even take X Plan (2% off MSRP + $275 admin fee). The Ford site shows each dealers ADM. You may have to use incognito mode to test different dealers.

At MSRP, these vehicles are below market pricing. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could drive one for a year and break even, or even come out ahead, especially after the $7,500 federal tax credit. Ford will likely reach 200K sales Q3 2022, and if that’s the case, the full tax credit would be good through Q4 2022. Note IRS rules state you cannot claim the tax credit if your intent is to immediately resell the vehicle.

It’s looking like the base, zero option 2022 Mach-E Select I ordered in December 2021 will take about 6 months from order to delivery.

While you can order through, you may want to reach out to the dealer first to confirm they will actually submit the order before the deadline.


are these refundable? i almost feel like i should place an order just INCASE i cant get a better deal later

$7500 fed being passed on as rebate ? Best way to get X/E/D Plan?

It varies by state. In CA, all car order deposits are refundable. Check with your dealer if in a state that doesn’t require deposits to be refudnable.

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Own 100 shares of Ford or Mustang Club of America for X-plan

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Ford doesn’t pass on the tax credit on leases; better to purchase.

You can get X Plan with a Mustang Club of America membership ($35 Digital or $50 Standard). Confirm with dealer that they accept X Plan first. Requires you to be a member for at least 90 days before you can get a PIN.


The latter is easier, $35 and 90 day wait

I have both - no difference for me. And you need to join the $35 membership to qualify for X-plan.

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Ford offers a balloon finance with option to return keys at the end of selected term 36 or 48, so essentially a lease and you get to claim the $7500 on your taxes. Has good APR and a $2500 additional credit if you take ford balloon finance but horrible residual so most probably will have equity at lease end.


Hope they continue the Ford Options bonus cash! Honestly surprised they still offer it. I suppose it does help offset the additional sales tax you’d pay on a purchase/finance over a lease.


Now it says good till 05/02. Try finding a incoming unit if you’re not picky with colors/packages, I found several GT’s with ease avail for msrp.

+1 on this. Especially in NJ. Ordered a GT back in December just before the 2k price increase.

Amazingly, it arrived on March 1st. 64k MSRP (62k was order price). Between 7.5k Fed rebate, 2.5k options rebate in this area, extra 2k off on order deal, and no sales tax in NJ, I am into it for about 50k total. I have already rec’d offers from a couple of the typical online buyers for 65k and 66k.


Mind pm’ing your contact/dealer in NJ ?

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I’m surprised you hd to order a base select. I didn’t have much trouble finding those just laying around for MSRP in the NJ/NY area.

Curious about this IRS rule you mentioned. Is that published somewhere?


Thanks. Now it looks familiar. Very vague language. I certainly didn’t buy mine “for resale.” I put like 800 miles on it, so obviously it was for my use. :smile:


Its definitely an ambiguous statement

Any lawyer worth their $ should be able to get around it without trouble

Depends on how many posts one makes on LH about their proper configurations to flip the vehicle. :rofl:


gasp I wouldn’t dare if it