Ford Mustang Mach-E -- MY23 Order Banks are Open

I’m only eligible for $500, with half tax credit there could be still some profit but not the 5k+ I was expecting at first

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the xplan is $500 and the ford option is another $2k?

x plan is 2% below MSRP plus $275 administrative fee and ford options is either $500 or $2000 bonus cash depending on your zipcode

Is the Ford Options program still available on 2022 Mach-Es? I’m assuming it’s a straight balloon loan with a guaranteed trade in residual (similar to BMW Owners Choice), correct? If so, can you pay it off early, as in the next day, with no penalty?

I wish I had some some research before buying the 2 MMEs. I already took delivery of the 1st Mach-E but the 2nd one is still on the truck. If it’s still available, I can’t think of any reason not to use the Ford Options plan.

According to the following website, it is still available. I used the options plan for my purchase. No hiccups and everything seemed straightforward.

Thanks for the link. It shows that it’s still available but the amount is now $500. Not sure if that is worth the hassle of financing, then paying off. Something to consider.

Thanks again.

No problem. Bummer, it still shows 2k for my zip code. But yeah, I’d agree that $500 is probably not worth it.

It is and the rebate and APR are based on when you ordered. My Oct 2021 order arrived in Oct 2022 and I received $2K price protection, $1K rebate, and 2.79% rate. Today that is $500 rebate and a 5+ % interest rate at least.

And yes there is no penalty for paying off early.

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Maybe in Cali it’s still $2k… that’s what it shows for me.

I think the current Options rebate is based on zip. I tried my old CA zip and it shows $2000. I tried my old zips from 4 other states and they show $500.

@voxel It’s possible they are also locking in the rebate based on the amount that was available in your zip at the time of order.

I think Cali makers also gets extra incentives which is why many EVs are sold in Cali first.

CARB/ZEV rules or whatever they are called. I pinged my FL dealer where I bought my RAV4 Primes in 2021 and he said there was no possibility of getting any plug-in hybrids (like the new Prius) anymore because Toyota has shifted allocation to ZEV states to avoid emission penalties.

Ford Options Rebates vary by state. They are $2K in ZEV states I believe and lower in others. In FL, they were $1K in 2021 but now only $500. I mainly used Options to get the lower rate and technically it works as a lease too if you decide to return it after 3 years.

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Looks like I am going to miss the end of the year deadline based on the latest delivery dates for this 23 MME GT. I had the dealer pro-actively refund my deposit. I will still get first shot, but if it arrives after Jan 1, I’m out.


Didn’t you want to see if it possibly arrives sooner before you canceled? My 22 eta was 8 weeks after it was built, it showed up in 3. There was/is a decent chance your order shows up this year. Not sure if the dealer will give you first shot if you surrendered your deposit already.

Mach-e Premium AWD extended range coming in a few weeks. What’s the MMR on these lately? It’s an MSRP deal but I don’t think it’s flippable after taxes/fees even with the 7500 tax credit.

Says my Mach e select is in production and have window sticker. Originally ordered on 4/8 then got 11/21 production week pushed back to 11/28 production week. Still holding slim hopes of year end delivery.

I don’t trust these estimates. Mine 8/31 says shipped with estimate if 12/15-12/22. I don’t believe it tho. People on the Mach E forums reporting 2-3 mo delays.

MMR is $57k but MMR doesn’t separate by extended range vs standard range.

Lmk if you don’t take it as I have a friend looking for one. Where are you located?

SoCal. MSRP is about 67k

I went back about 200 posts but can’t find the answers to my two main questions. My Mach E is in production, delivery date still unclear.

  • Is it confirmed that only a delivery by 12/31 guarantees the $7500 tax credit, or are we still waiting on more guidance?
  • Can you sell a just purchased or leased Mach-E to anyone, or just Ford dealers? I vaguely remember Ford putting some restrictions on reselling Mach-Es?

Thank you!

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