Ford Mustang Mach-E -- MY23 Order Banks are Open

Does this reflect online on or do you need to call dealership?

If you ordered through the dealer you have to have your dealer and order code and contact ford chat and give it to them and they will tell you. If you ordered online it should show up in your online order.

Well that is some BS. So much for prioritizing…

It’s prioritized by MSRP… I mean Tesla does the same thing, delivering the Performance models way faster then the lesser models.

I have a 2022 Premium ER AWD coming in a week (old pricing). Thinking about flipping it. What’s the MMR on those lately?

Does the blue color inside “in production” mean anything I.e scheduled ? these bubbles were generally white, but looks like they changed the colors recently

I canceled this the day after I ordered, apparently Chapman didn’t.

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Of course they didn’t. Now they have a car they can sell over MSRP.

Carpocalypse is coming… These things will be under MSRP by Q2 2023. Repo’s are up and auction houses being filled to the gills. The banks/dealers will only hold on to inflated assets before taking a loss.

Pardon my ignorance. is there a reason to get vehicle delivered by end of the year if you had already ordered prior to the inflation reduction act going into effect. I thought those qualified for $7500 fed rebate even if delivery is delayed, as long as you placed order before the act was signed into law?

You need a binding contract and most of these orders aren’t binding contracts.

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Select got scheduled week 11/21 cutting it very close hopefully gets delivery this year

Some will have issues due to income limits enforced on deliveries next year…

Mach E premium I ordered a few weeks ago is being built. That was fast. Edit: The week of October 31. If I take delivery before years end do I get the tax credit?

Ok finally. My select has been scheduled for week of 10/31

So what is the expected wait time if you order a MY23 now? Dealer told me 6-8 months but if it can be before end of year, you can still take advantage of Fed credit because only the NA built is active.

I would think delivery in 22 is unlikely. People with MY22 orders are still unscheduled. People with MY23 orders on the day the order book opened up are unscheduled. Even for people with scheduled dates, it will be a tight squeeze to get shipment/delivery before end of year. But who knows. Maybe a MY23 order today will be scheduled for 11/21 and delivered ahead of many others who have been waiting and waiting. It is relatively risk free to find out whether you would be so lucky.

Got an 11/14 build date too! Fingers crossed it’ll arrive this year, but not holding my breath.


When did you place your order? Trying to get an estimated timeline from order placed to production , ship and delivery

I put in order 8/30 and got email today.