[FOR MOST STATES] 2023 Tesla Model 3 RWD - 36mo 10k mi $5600 DAS $399mo

:star_struck: Looks really nice, I can’t wait to get mine! Those red calipers are sexy!

Not hard to do…and 100% reversible with plastidip. I did a base of red, applied the tesla caliper logos, then clear on top to seal everything in and it really did come out nice.


Looks very sharp! Well done.

I didn’t know those dork hubcaps came off till yesterday.

Dorky is correct. I understand they do add a couple of miles of range at highway speed, but the rims underneath are actually really nice looking and deserve to be displayed. Also, if one doesn’t take those areo caps off almost immediately after taking delivery, the clips that hold them in place will completely gouge out the rims :frowning: I took mine off after a couple of hundred miles and there was already some gouging present. People online who have left them on for thousands of miles have deep deep gouges.

I used the OEM center lug nut kits, which are like 60 bucks, but for about 1/3 that there are aftermarket ones available. I just liked the factory ones better as far as looks.


My expertise with plastidip and calipers is a sample size of 1 :slight_smile: Honestly, as long as everything is cleaned well it is not difficult to do. I think I have maybe 25 bucks in all four wheels.


Your skill level is commendable. The calipers came out better than factory or specialty shop.

You did probably everything I would do on an M3, no more, no less. In other words you have great taste. :laughing:

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Honestly, not a lot of skill is required. A little bit of diligence and patience in the process and they come out fine✔️

I only did cheap mods on this car since it is a lease. I took some chances initially on crappy eBay stuff and I was pleasantly surprised. There’s tons of things available for around 50 bucks (front and rear spoilers, side skirts, etc).

I wanted to also wrap the hood in a matte black just for fun, but my wife said "oh …please don’t. ":crazy_face: Since it’s her car I guess I should acquiesce… I was going to do it and then rip it off if I didn’t like it (as it could be too over the top).

Im debating wheel spacers to push the wheels out a bit (the M3s look waaaaay better IMO with more negative offset) but will prob pass.

The last thing I’m probably going to do is the door and trunk seal kits. I don’t find the car to be noisy at all, but the kit is cheap ($33) and folks say the doors sound “luxurious” when closed after the seals are installed.

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Interesting. I am concerned about “curb rash” so I was actuality planning on leaving them on to protect the rims, but I hadn’t thought about the clips leaving marks. Maybe putting some fabric as liner inside the clips?

The gouges are pretty severe…google some images :triumph:

Anything put between the rim and the clip might promote the cover flying off when in use I would guess.

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The OE aero covers stop short of the rim edge, they provide no curb rash protection.

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Google “tesla curb rash protector” and youll see some add on strips are available but not super cheap.


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Thank you both, this is very helpful. I already ordered those seals by the way.

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Haha, I wish!
– prospective end of March Model 3 buyer

Unpopular opinion: I sort of like the base spec covered wheels! I like the Performance wheels better, of course, but in Michigan they are too brutal for a daily driver and every Performance I’ve seen here has really banged wheels for potholes and curbing.

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That’s why I’m hesitant to lease a Tesla. A lot can change in 36 months and I’m very likely to become bored if nothing else. Yet there’s no economical way to get out of these Tesla leases early, right?

You can transfer it on Swap A Lease to another person.

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If people are concerned about curb damage, you can get 18" turbine covers that look like the 20" performance wheels that cover past the rim edge and will protect from some damage. It goes up to the tire bottom edge.

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