For all my MA HACKRs - Used a RMV runner with out of state dealer

Not sure if this is against the rules or not, but if it is just toss it?

I just want to shout out what a great experience I had working with a runner to deal with RMV nonsense. You know how none of the brokers want to deal with us in MA? It’s because the RMV is the worst and makes their dealer’s lives miserable.

I recently did a deal with an out of state dealer who said they could work with the RMV but had NO idea what they were doing. Long story short they almost accidentally titled my car in their state which would have forced MA to issue me a “used” title on my brand new car. When they were explaining the steps it sounded wrong so I reached out to the runner that I used with an earlier deal. Dude picks up on the first ring and is standing in the RMV; he proceeds to check with the lady at the counter regarding what my dealer wanted to do and basically says it’s all wrong and just have them call him. 36 hours and $85 later I had temp plates, the next day I had physical plates in hand.

I’m sure there are lots of folks out there that do this, but I can 100% recommend Iyman Registry Service. The dealer just had to overnight him one document (can’t remember what) and then he was able to get the temp plates before it left their lot as they were worried about being liable for sending it out without plates on it.

Just thought I’d put this out there in case anyone else is running into this!


Great tip. Just suggest editing the title to add something like “Used a RMV runner with out of state dealer” so others might find it/understand more easily.

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Totally agree with this. They are amazing. Fast email response, pick up their phone calls, reasonable fee and service in a day or two.

They took care of my Farrish order instantly and I’m trying to tee them up for my next deal with Mitch to not have it sit on someones desk.

No doubt MA deals wouldn’t be shunned by dealers and brokers if they worked with Iyman.


Great suggestion, done!

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Been using Iyman for a long time, sometimes even for my private party deals. Always a great experience. Quick and easy and reasonable charges.

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Will the dealer really let you use your own third party runner?

Because MA is such a pain I was able to convince Farrish and the tag person there raved and I’m pretty sure on the deal I just did with Mitch were using them as well.

Honestly if the dealers who won’t do MA deals worked with them I’m convinced that most would change their tune.

Shit, had I known, i would’ve offered that to a few dealers (who don’t use runners) and pay for it out of pocket.

some title clerks in house aren’t the best but honestly I can’t blame them. Out of state deals can be complicated at times. Especially a state like Mass.

The title clerk that was handling my deal had no idea what he was doing and was very up-front about it. Iyman really saved my butt


Yeah title clerk is a tough gig so when you have a solution that makes their life easier they’re all for it.

For my deal with Mitch I sent my check direct to Iyman.

They do have to get their boss to be cool with it though and I’m sure there are larger dealer groups that there’s no flexibility.

It’s been a hit or miss for me… smaller dealers have allowed me to use it once I put them in touch but the bigger one wants to use National companies like Beacon which are a pain to deal with…

Side note: I’ve also had some luck lately having an out of state dealer overnight docs and exact fee to the RMV headquarters. Needs to be very particular but plates were issued within 24 hours of delivery 3 out of the 4 times I did this…


+1 for Iyman. Got me plates for my out of state lease the same day after he got the dealer paperwork


New to all this and trying to wrap my head around some of it. I live in MA and I have been lurking. Some AAA offices have Registry services. Most require an appointment but had luck with a drop in. Wondering if anyone has tried going that route?

Temp plates meaning…? I thought MA neither issues temp plates nor recognizes any others’

MA RMV will issue a temp plate in rare circumstances - only if a physical plate is not available (ex. you order a special plate and the RMV branch does have that plate in stock). The car is still registered but you get a paper plate and they mail you the real plates a week later. They only do it for MA registrations not out of state deals, and the car is officially registered in the RMV system when they give you the temp plate so it’s not like other states where the temp is used while waiting to process the reg.


Because I was not there to physically pick up the place, the RMV emailed me a PDF document that I could print out for temp plates since the physical plates were in the mail.

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