Florida Dealerships - Tough to Get Good Deals?

Is it really that tough to work with Florida dealerships particularly in wealthy areas around Naples and Marco Island as well as along the Florida east coast from Jupiter down thru Ft. Lauderdale? Or, is it my imagination? I find it very tough to work high-end name plate dealerships (e.g., Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, etc…). Must be all those wealthy people who have no problem paying MSRP or a few thousand $$$ below thus, making it tough, if not impossible, for the not so wealthy to get good deals.


Yes, south Florida is tough compared to places like CA, been discussed many times on this forum.

I did a search and there is some info about Fla dealers but not much… it seems to be a mixed bag. Not that big of a sample to conclude anything definitively.

this pretty much sums it up

Thank you! We seem to agree.

Melbourne BMW

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Totally agree, Tampa area as well, not to mention they hate dealing by emails, talked to a Ram truck sales manager who was straight out rude and very condescending.

I live in Naples but from the Midwest. I can afford cars on the more expensive side but I need to know I am getting a deal at the same time. That concept is totally foreign to the dealerships down here and on top of that almost all of the salesman I have come across in person or via email are completely inept. Please post to this thread if you have any luck in this area. I love leasing but I am at the point of just buying a car out of state and having it sent here. Good luck on finding a car.

I, too, am at the point of buying my next car out of state. I’m tired of the high dealer fees in Florida and the take it or leave it attitude from sales people that don’t know what they are talking about. I had a salesman at a BMW dealership in Sarasota tell me to “just get over it” and pay his high price and nearly $1,000 dealer fee. I am not driving a BMW because of that remark.

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Or ship a leased car.

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Sales guy at Naples Audi said the exact same thing to me.

I was at a Lexus dealer in Clearwater and I asked if there were any incentives on the RX. This salesman looked at me and said ‘oh is the price of the car important to you?’


Sounds like the classic Pavlovian conditioning. Perhaps wealthy people have conditioned sales people not to worry about price. Every time a sales person meets a customer, they somehow think price isn’t important.

its not impossible to get good deals but you have to stand above the nonsense dealer attitude/games and have thick skin. If you’re getting turned off right in the beginning they win. Gotta fight :fire: with :fire: or hire a broker. I’m a big fan of the FL lemon law and getting cars from out of state disqualifies you from filing it in the event of issues.

Thanks! Please see the thread where I posted the following deal…

2018 Volvo S60 T5 FWD Sedan Deal

It’s unbelievable that I’m getting attacked and hammered over the lease loyalty amount. Some of these people need to get a life and find something to do.

Google Adrian Avila …he’s a manager at an Atlanta BMW store

I will keep his name in mind. Looks like he is a stand-up sales guy.

You just have to do a lot of the leg work, imo.

Finding the right salesperson is key. (Obviously)

FL has some outrageous dealer fees so that is something to deal with.

If anyone has any questions about a BMW in the SFL area feel free to reach out.

I will add that most dealers are not “hackr” friendly in part to those dealer fees and usually marked up MF.

But with determination anything is possible.

I recently leased an Alfa Romeo Stelvio in southern Florida. No special deals offered, but when I mentioned going out of state to lease, salesman said his manager would beat any lease deal. After much back and forth they actually did beat an out of state dealers lease offer, which I accepted. Great car ( SUV ) btw.