2018 Volvo S60 T5 FWD Sedan Deal

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That’s a great deal sheet, did you make it or the dealer provided that? The $900 doc fee is outrageous, I sympathize with Floridian leasers.

He created it himself. Loyalty is $500 on a lease, not $1,000. Don’t think it’s an actual deal, just his proposal.
With $6,250 incentives and his $1,000 loyalty it’s only 10% off on an old model.

I constructed the deal, not the dealer. Note that the first payment is capped in the lease. Lots of dealer programs don’t do this correctly.

You’re both right and wrong. I created the deal and it is an actual deal. Every number in the above deal is also in the lease contract. The lease loyalty is $1,000, not $500. And, yes, published Volvo to dealer incentives (operating support) total $6,250.

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If using Excel how did you avoid the circular error of calculating the payment and then capitalizing the first month?

On a side note, unless the goal is to have absolute zero DAS, why not pay the first month at signing?

Sorry I ever joined this website. Would love to deactivate my membership. But, I don’t know how to do that or, if it’s even possible.

$500 on lease. Read disclosures.

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Yes of course, they have the power to override disclosures.

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You have a degree in what again? Keyboard warriorship?


Ah, no. I didn’t go to the same college that you did that offers remediation, key boarding, and under water basket weaving.

Your lease contract specifically says lease loyalty 1000? Or they just said 1000 and 500 is loyalty and 500 is dealer discount?

Let me summarize this for all.
2018 s60 T5 Inscription FWD
$41,285 MSRP
$600 DAS (includes 1st month).
$315/month includes tax.
Effective $325/month.
(Quick in-head calculations)

OP… good deal. Don’t be so detailed next time. Go for the main points, and people will accept it. :slight_smile:

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Something is off. From the official volvocars.com website. If I click on $1k loyalty bonus it says no lease deals are available. Clicking on the $500 bonus will show lease price.

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1k loyalty selected. Look at disclaimer below.

Of course its off cause it isnt available :joy:


Somethings are never taught in college and you are supposed to learn yourself. Not being arrogant is one of em. For your kind information, I’m also in S.FL and have most likely worked with your dealership as well as the other 3 in the area. The loyalty is only $500 towards lease and never was $1000. If the 2 sales managers told you that, you were misinformed which isnt unusual in this industry. So next time someone tries to correct you, stop being ignorant and maybe leave the attitude for behind your screen. You got a good deal so Congrats and Enjoy your ride