Fisker orders, delivery etc

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interesting. any news on what they’re doing with tax credits and leases as of yet?

no clue, only thing i know is they do Fisker financing thru Chase. I don’t think their lease program will be available for Ocen One orders.

Curious to see if the “binding” contracts are just non binding now and the deposits are refundable? I’m not canceling all orders, I still want one, but if there is no tax credit, I don’t need to order 4.

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5K deposits are non-refundable.

I think he was referring to normal Ocean orders not Ocean One order.

It depends what you ordered ? Pear’s assembly will be in Michigan I belive might get tax credit. I’m not a tax advisor tho I don’t know exactly :slight_smile:

Ordered 4 non Ones, since they are pushing Extreme for Q2 I prefer to change the 4 to one Extreme.

Extreme would be the same price as One. I would just feel bad not ordering the One, if I wanted an Extreme.

Ones were only the first 5000, they are sold out, cant order them anymore.

Any idea of the numbers yet? I have an Extreme on order. One of the colors is this incredible matte green, looks GORGEOUS, I just can’t decide if I like this car enough, keep us updated on yours!