Fisker orders, delivery etc

Overall size or just inside?

Its basically an inch larger in all exterior dimensions than a model y. Taller and wider than a mach e. 8" longer than an id4, etc.

What were you expecting size wise?

Pear or Ocean?

From marketing photos… maybe a tad smaller Jeep Grand Cherokee. It looked big with those wheel. I had the same opinion about the BMW iX. The iX in real life is tiny compared to what it looks like in photos. I was expecting a mid-sized three row SUV but it’s not. I saw an iX tonight parked next to a Model Y at Epcot and it’s the exact same size as the Model Y except a few inches longer (195" vs. 187").

The Ocean does look like an iX that is shorter in length (official Ocean specs say 187" so like the Model Y). I was trying to pinpoint an EV that it reminded me of and seeing the iX again triggered it.

I posted photos of the Orlando Ocean on the forums -

Interior space is mediocre. The sub-trunk is small like an ID.4 and the rear cargo area is closer to EV6 + Ioniq 5 than Model Y. The controls are very Tesla/Rivian/Mach-E like - which is a good thing IMO. And seat materials felt premium. If it’s priced near EV6 ($59K) and Ioniq 5 ($56K) to Mach-E Premium ($67K) top trim it’s worth it.

Before I cancel my reservations for the Ocean does it still not qualify for the EV credit?

It would qualify for the credit on a lease (if they pass it on). It does not on a purchase.

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Are the Ultras available to order yet? How does it qualify for the ev credit? Did production get moved or

There is no production location requirement for leases now.

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I’d hold the reservation for now. There is also a pretty good chance the tax credit will come back for European and Asian cars in early 2023.

Thanks. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do on updates.

Any update on when we can expect to take deliveries? If it would be a while, I would like to order a Mach E

Supposed best case scenario is the Extremes start showing up Q3. Lower trims not until 2024 save for potentially a few scattered ones.

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I’m still torn on colors and interior options for the One. Will you ceramic coat the matte paint?

I deselected floor mats to get tuxmats.

For those who placed deposits on the Pear, are you still following through?

Im still holding my deposit for now. No reason to not thus far.


That’s a nice update but kind of odd they are sending to Magna tomorrow but still giving more than 2 months for any changes?

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Which means they aren’t building it for at least 2 months.

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I will get Blue Matte paint, that’s my favorite.

same. gave up on lucid but this seems at least a little more viable.

Looks like it’s coming :man_shrugging:t2: