Fisker orders, delivery etc

Making its own topic for Fisker orders.

2 cars available for order.
Ocean starting at $37499 with possible production starting Nov 2022
Pear starting $29000 with production 2024.

First reservation $250 for each model then $100 for any additional reservation within the model.


The Lease with Fisker is really good too!

Lots of good information in the investor deck.

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Yeah I’ve ordered 4 by now. Will probably keep 1 and then decide if the others are worth taking a risk for to try to flip. I may need to move to OR for that though…


Reserved for top comment aka incoming 30000 post

I’m sure there’s a way to get Oregon address for registration :slight_smile:

Please! Tell me how. I have a bunch of cars on order! I didn’t grew up in the US so some of these things are new to me

Idk how but I do have a South Dakota address 4.5 tax rate costs me $150 a year for the service
Plus no smog / inspection / lower registration fees


Oh god, I really want to work at Fisker rn, and see the massive influx of orders. With multiple allocs per address :laughing:.

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Pre-order your own all-electric, zero-emissions Fisker Ocean. Select models arriving in 2022. Current pricing subject to change.

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Jersey also no sales tax on ev cars


FYI not fully refundable. 10% kept for processing

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I’m a bit skeptical when a company introduced a price point YEARS before it launches. And unveils multiple models without building a single vehicle.

Who’s building their cars? Do they even have a factory?

Magna Steyr for the Ocean, then Foxconn at their acquired Lordstown Motors factory (former Pontiac, Chevy, GM plant).

They built the Fisker Karma in a previous life - a hybrid high EV range PHEV that looks weird and was absolute trash


That was a different company, even if it is loosely related to the original owner starting it up again. It’s really a wild story.

I’d agree and disagree on some of that, the original company and assets were purchased by a Chinese acquisition company, but Henrik kept all IP assets and founded Fisker Inc.

They used the GM Volt platform, so it’s not like they did any super groundbreaking engineering the first time around. But I’m excited to see what happens next.

My take:

The Fisker Karma failed because Fisker tried to do too much themselves, they were too small, and the technology was too new. They used A123 as a battery supplier which ended up going bankrupt. They had poor execution on other aspects of the car, like infotainment, which was terrible. Henrik has learned from this experience.

The Fisker Ocean and Pear are based on existing platforms. The infotainment is engineered by Foxconn, Fisker is just designing the UI. They’re using CATL Kirin batteries, which CATL claims are 13% more energy dense than Tesla 4680 cells. CATL also provides one of the best battery warranties around at 10 years, 100,000 miles, and 75% degradation.

Fisker is focusing on design, product management, user experience, marketing, sales, and not engineering or manufacturing. I think its a great strategy actually.

Fisker will raise ocean prices after 40,000 units, roughly at the end of 2023. This is also a flip opportunity.

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Are the fisker’s refundable ?

So $250 reservation, but they keep $25 if you cancel. They wanted to fight the fake reservation sentiment with the start ups. The value for money on the Fisker looks fantastic though, and the warranty is the best in class too. I may just keep it and sell my second reservation.

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