Fisker orders, delivery etc

Last I heard it was supposed to be November on some European track or roads - so soon.

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Some journalists have already driven the car. First cars made in 2022 are being sold to Magna.

Customer deliveries start in February.

Q1 2023 sales = 300
Q2 2023 sales = 8000
Big ramp to total 44,000 in 2023.

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And it’s down until next week…

SOP was definitely BS, they rolled one off the line just to say they hit their mark, but their software isn’t ready, no safety features for months and some features a year out. Their pricing with some options put it in line with the Mach E, after their ridiculous latest increases. Fiskers pitch was range and price point, which is relevant, but you put a few options in it and the price draw is out the window. Not sure this thing that no one has driven or sat in yet will be worth the $. Their ramp up plan just seems unrealistic, even with Magna building them, 300-8000-15000-20000 Q1-4 of 23. They run into any issues, can probably stick a fork in them, plenty of other options.


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I paid for two, I think I paid $250 and $100. Is it worth keeping my money here or should I just get a refund and be done with it? (did not get a chance to order when it opened)

I’d say keep the reservations for now. There is a chance the $7500 tax credit could come back.

Depending on the model, you may not see one for a year or longer. The bigger question mark is that no one really “knows” if any of these will actually get made. Good chance they are, but until one is actually in a paying customers hands, it’s all hypothetical. I’ll give Fisker credit for something at least, he is a master at under promising.

Finally got to play around with the configurations- some of the paint and wheel options are pretty insane $$$$

A lot of people at least “say” they are canceling their reservations because of the ridiculous option prices. I don’t know what Fisker actually thinks this car is, but I do agree, the option prices are insane for something no one has ever sat in, driven, or actually saw on the road.

Some of the options are overpriced. Ultimate package for instance. I bet Fisker is anchoring to $6000 to encourage people to pay for a subscription. Just a guess.

But matte paint and 22 inch wheels with carbon fiber are in line with what everyone else charges. You just don’t see these as options on many cars, making it hard to compare what’s reasonable.

I’m not sure how much I believe of the underlying report (Fisker insolvent? Again? c’est impossible!), though Fisker’s weasel-word reply could be 100% true and also a lie (the covenant would not be with Magna, it would be with their lending facility - imposed by Magna and possibly others), but I laughed out loud reading this

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Unrelated but what are the wraps they put on them supposed to do? I assume it’s to hide something but it seems like all it ever does is draw even more attention to the car?

They make it difficult to clearly see the body lines so it keeps the exact form ambiguous


Supposedly to obscure their design cues, but since the Pear appears to be a runt of the Ocean, I don’t think it’s working as planned.


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