Fisker orders, delivery etc

I think the lowest it’s ever been was 7.95

Sorry, had no idea you bought now. I just thought the stock looks weaker than the markets in general. One slip in markets and this could slip down quick and can make a great opportunity before their first big launch.

Anyone else notice the orange fisker ocean driving in Lincoln lawyer? (Netflix show) …looked kinda small

One of my fears that the Pear is Fiat ‘pooplet’ smallish.

I saw it in person. It is pretty small.

Dimension wise, the ocean is the size of a model y.

Interesting looks smaller for sure…not that I saw it in person

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Very interesting, thanks for the info! So much for a camera adding ten pounds

What should I do with my reservations? I wanted two Ultras and to see the leasing/subscription plan before locking in anything which maybe was a mistake. The Ocean no longer qualifies for the EV credit should I cancel or wait and see if something changes

Did you convert your Ocean reservation to binding? if so you get the credit. If not you can let them ride or get a refund.

No I didnt. The Ultra was sold out.

I paid deposit for two as well and could not place order for ultra. Are we sure fisker doesn’t qualify for fed credit? I am in the same boat and need expert opinion.
Maybe cancel one and let one ride, as I will be refunded anytime later as well , unless the company goes bankrupt.

The ocean is not built in north america, so no fed credit.

Yes I believe its built in Austria which wouldnt qualify. The Pear will be built in the US. I wonder if theres any chance they may build some Oceans there as well.

Certainly possible down the line as it would behove them to move it here… just like you’re seeing all the battery production coming to the US.

You can let the deposit ride and then the risk is if they go under (which is a risk with these EV startups).

Having said that there will be a lot of competition 3-5 years out. The Pear seems like a great potential flip or car to have… but will it be better than a similar $30k Chevy Equinox EV landing the same year? Will volumes catch up to market demand? We’ll see. But I’ve still got two Pear deposits and a binding Ocean one saying it’s worth the risk.

again, what’s the rush? you’re not going to have to decide for months. who knows what will change by then? the south koreans are already bitching up a storm about this.

I thought you were making a profound statement until I realized it was just a capitalization error. :smiley:

I would just wait it out and reserve a Pear for 24. You have nothing to lose but 25$ if you cancel and didn’t convert it to a binding contract. Who knows if the tax credit stuff doesn’t get altered or something before the Ultras are actually made a year from now. That’s also assuming no production delays.

No, Fisker is using contract builders. The Pear is going to be built by Foxconn while the Ocean is built (and probably mostly designed) by Magna.

Magna could convert one of their North American facilities to an assembly plant, but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.