Fisker orders, delivery etc

good lord this whole thing seems like a mess.

Note that the 5% is listed as a generalization and ultimately it comes down to state law, per the irs.

Your reading of these lines is a hopeful interpretation. Most likely the 5% qualifier is going back on both the non refundable deposit and on the down payment.

This is the more logically sound reading as well as a more grammatically correct. If the 5% is attached to the down payment- making the “5% down payment” a separate item from the non-refundable deposit it would have another “a” before it.

As in

“a” non-refundable deposit or “a” down payment of 5%

Does it matter if the vehicle is delivered in 2023 or 2024 as whether the $7500 is a pos rebate or tax credit? Or will an order under the transition rule be a tax credit no matter when delivered?

$7500 is always a tax credit so even when POS rebate is possible for new rule you’ll still have to meet the income requirements and may find it charged back on your taxes. But since our Fiskers are under the old rule I’d imagine there’s no POS option and no income to worry about.

Does not appear to be a limit on the delivery time so if as expected it takes time to ramp up production and it goes to 24 you should still get the opportunity.

Personally with a number of cars expected to drop in 23 that I’ve ordered I’ll probably prefer deferring some to 24 if possible.

I believe this is set to change with the new credit in 2023 being refundable.

I would imagine that since the fisker would be under the terms of the old credit via the transition rule that the pos option wouldnt apply.

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No income requirements on a fisker since it would qualify under the transition rule which uses the old rules.

I haven’t heard this - has this been confirmed? Awesome if true - Wife & I planned to get 2 next year, but wouldn’t have 15K liability

If you want the $7500, that only applies if you have a binding contract before 8/16/2022, which Fisker was doing.

Any other deliveries 1/1/2023 will be the new rules which really is $3750 + ??? right now. (And you get the right priced one)

No credit for post 8/16 if they’re built outside North America. Oceans will be ineligible. Pears in 24 will be

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I was just talking the EV credit in general - we were hoping to get 1 Ocean and something else

so nothing for the Ocean…hopefully your other is a ‘pear’

Fisker may shift production to North America. They’re using Magna as a build partner and Magna operates several factories in North America already (not sure if any do complete assembly).

I also wonder if they could do minimal “final assembly” at an existing North American Magna facility to qualify. The battery requirements to get the 2nd $3750 are going to be a mess.

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Just in case anyone wants to see some pics/vid from Pebble Beach


Guess we should have gone for the $5k One reservation…

Clueless clientele at that auction is all I can say. 5,000 units is not really rare.

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That’s being generous. It’s not rare at all.

Pump this thread up, anyone buying stock?

Stock chart doesn’t look good. I personally wait for $5-$6 range. :upside_down_face:

Ugh, 5-6$? I’ll buy there but I already bought at 8.30

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