First Sightings (for me)

Parked on the street near our house: red Honda Civic Type R. Looked like a regular Civic that crashed into a truck full of Tupperware.

On the freeway: Mercedes E200. Who knew? An E Class with a moped engine.


Oooh this weekend I saw an actual person driving a new Toyota Avalon. In real life! I know they aren’t quite as rare as those mythical Genesis G70’s which apparently do in fact exist, but still. An astonishing find.

(of course it was an Uber too)


It’s a shame that the Type R is so hideous. The Civic in general has become over the top but the Type R is just ridiculous. If it was styled a little more reasonably it could be a pretty cool little sleeper like the higher trim Golfs.


During my lunch break today I saw a Kia K900 being driven w/ non dealer plates. I find it fascinating that I’ve seen all other sorts of vehicles driving around but I didn’t believe that anybody actually bought the damn thing.

I saw a Jeep Gladiator on the freeway a few weeks ago and it was ugly as sin in person.


I wonder what resale will be like on those k900s in 4-5 years. Those would be a great pick up if proven reliable. Debadge and people wouldn’t even know what it is

There’s 2015 K900s with about 30k miles on them going for about 20 grand in my area :joy::joy::joy:

Yknow, If BMW were still honest about their engines displacement in the model badge, there’d be a lot more 320’s, 520’s and 730’s

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That puts 4 year residual at 40%?

Sounds about right, the 3 year residual is only like 48%, set by Kia.

The 2 biggest things I see, preventing the K900 from being a 2-3 year old used car bargain are:

  1. Good luck finding one in a few years, there’s hardly any on dealer lots at this moment. Currently tracking all 17 in Socal; most have been sitting since December. The only way there can be a used one is if someone buys a new one lol.

  2. Only the first owner gets the nice long benefit of the Kia warranty. With all the features in the new one, I’d be real scared to own one off warranty. All the semi-self driving hardware, digital gauge cluster, anything in the VIP package. I’d be real hesitant to believe that’s gonna work in year 6 as it should. Oh and the headlights are $3k per side to replace (on the last gen) if they go out or get hit by a rock.

Related to the thread, I saw a baby blue and white Bugatti Veyron last summer. Saw a McClaren 720s a few months ago as well.

Speaking of…I saw a new 7 today (not sure which one because it was from the front), and the giant grille made me think of that post this weekend where the evolution of it was just a grille with wheels. I also saw a few X7s, a new X5, and a new 6 series, and holy crap GRILLES. I also saw an AMG GT (not sure if 53 or 63), and it also has a super-large grille. I’m seeing a trend here…

Legit LOLed at this. :joy:

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I remembered reading this and lol and behold:

I didn’t know G70 are rare but that may be because I see one parked in the garage of our building every day so it was nothing special.

In fairness, it does look like sales are finally starting to pick up… now in crazy 4 digits territory! And similar sales to the Stinger which makes sense I suppose. It’s a real shame as these seem like great cars but they’re in a cooling segment and I don’t think the Genesis sales network is up and running properly yet is it?
37 09

Deals are starting to improve on G70 - slowly. Residuals are still in the dumpster but MFs have come down. Apparently if you find a dealer willing to, you can stack dealer discounts with Circle A (Hyundai fleet), lease cash, and conquest. If you’re really good it’ll still come out to driveoffs and a payment in the 400s for a 3.3T G70, but its better than it was.

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Today at the parking garage outside my office was a VW California. Weird since we don’t get it in the US, and it’s on EU plates designated for Germany. Possibly a press car?

First sighting of a Kia Telluride, actually liked the appearance of it. Front has a Ford Explorer thing going to it and the rear kinda felt had a Range Rover look, imo.

That car is literally there everyday haha

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You’re in Hoboken? I often don’t go past 2nd or 3rd.

Yea, live there. Whoever bought that genesis got it day one basically. It was there for a LONG time.

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