Video Suggestions

To make leasing more digestible, we started our Leasing 101 video series. While we are no video pros (and definitely not acting material), we’ve put a lot of thought into making the videos easy to watch. We hope you find them helpful.

We would like your suggestions on future topics and tips on video production. Perhaps one day after COVID-19 we can get some of our Leasehackrs to share their tips on screen too!


Love the first vid, and the multiformat approach certainly makes sense! First channel I’m subscribing to and “smashing that like button” of my own volition. :slight_smile:

Some future suggestions for videos (based upon common threads here):

  1. getting out of a lease early/trading a lease
  2. lease-end turn in general FAQs
  3. common leasing mistakes/pitfalls
  4. identifying good lease targets using free online resources

Congrats on the first video, really well done! It’s clear, concise and I love the step-by-step approach.
What friends ask me the most is: How do I even get started with knowing more about leasing? The whole process seems totally overwhelming to most. I think a very basic step-by-step video, from doing research, using the available numbers, using the calculator to how to communicate with dealers would be great.


“1% Rule!” :grin:


I think @mllcb42 should be the keynote speaker for that one :laughing:

I think a good video would be on where to find manufacturer incentives and how to get information from Edmunds’ forums.


Only if I can dress up as a nun with a ruler

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Maybe a video about finding and leasing loaners.


Liked and subscribed!

Definitely need a, “brokers of leasehackr” video and possibly a 2021 calendar.

Can I be Mr April?


I think a LH podcast / video series with features from members with insane hacks or brokers / dealers sharing knowledge would be cool


I’d love to see the broker drama over who gets selected for that and who doesn’t

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I was totally kidding but thinking about the drama is hilarious

I don’t think majority of brokers would be willing to go on camera, for obvious reason :grin:

Haha love the idea! We might need greater production expertise for this. Any TV/film insiders here who would entertain the idea? :laughing: @Ed_Churchward How do we make MF and MSD sexy on screen? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’s right. Although if people saw what I looked like, maybe they’d feel bad and give me more business as pity.


You want people to pity you?

After all this time and you still don’t get me


It’s like you don’t even listen

Sarcasm requires sarcasm back :grin:

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How about a tutorial on exiting X3 M leases?


I see that most of the benefit of offers is focused in California. Maybe a video on this topic will help other people with lease types and options…

In 2016 I decided to lease a car to try it before buying. When the time came to return or buy, The leasing company was forcing me to go back to the dealer for an option to buy. Of course the dealer wanted $2k for this to happen. So I returned the car. Never purchased again from ANY dealer in Florida ever. Yet, many people can just send a check to leasing company (i.e. US Bank) and purchased the leased car from the leasing company. How can consumers make sure they can purchase the car they leased when their lease ends?