First BMW Service Due - Premature Alerts(?)

Car currently has 1,921 miles.

BMW Connected app already shows “Engine Oil” and “Vehicle inspection” as past due, and I received a text message recently recommending that I schedule service.

By the time we picked up the car on 6/15/19 it had been on the dealer’s lot for ~270 days, so I’m guessing that these alerts are triggered by the passage of 365 days since the car was delivered to the dealer (or some similar milestone).

Should I schedule service, or wait until we hit 10,000 miles as the maintenance schedule indicates?

I want to know too! maybe call your local dealer and ask the service adviser see what they say… I don’t see a point to service a car that’s only 2k miles… unless the first service for M cars.

Oh cool! You have a BMW? Always wanted to know how the trunk situation is.


Yes, it’s mileage or time. Same thing happened to me.

Schedule the service. They will cover it based on elapsed time vs the mileage. At that point, unless you drive less than 10k/yr, it will be triggered based on miles moving forward.

Year old oil is a good reason.

Makes sense, thank you.

Or just reset it, oh wait you’re not turning it in yet.


Similar thing happened for my wife Honda. We run it almost exclusively on electricity so we were a bit surprised to see the oil change warning. It turns out that they want you to change it at the year mark even if you don’t hit the gas miles limit. It’s also mentioned in the manual.
I looked online to see what exactly is the deal with oil changes based on time interval but surprisingly there is very little info. I found this but it’s from an oil producer…so i’m skeptical.

With a plugin hybrid it’s probably more important to bring the engine up to operating temp every once and awhile and burn off any moisture in the oil. If you’re not running the engine very often you might want to consider finding fuel with no ethanol and/or throwing some stabilizer in the tank. I’d be good with just giving it the visual check, if you’re not using the engine very much, oil changes once a year are overkill.

I might be completely misreading your message but in case you’re talking about moisture ending up in gas tank, I think PHEV gas tanks should be vacuum sealed. Atleast the one on my 330e is.

Edit : pressurized and sealed. Not vacuum sealed.

Talking about the oil

That actually might not be a good idea anymore…BMW can tell when they scan your car fob, and they’ll charge you…

The inspector ain’t scanning it though :grimacing:

Our dealer does a key read and checks the car’s internal service records.

On lease returns?

Pretty sure it’s illegal to require dealer service be performed, and it’s not in the contract.


Same happened on the 4, 5 and both the X2’s.

X3 too fresh though. June build. :stuck_out_tongue:

The dealer can’t but the bank can since they own the car. I would have to find it but there is language in the lease contract that the vehicle must be properly maintained.

Yes…but that’s not something only a dealer can do. Do find it and let us know.

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nothing says that it has to be the dealer…

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