Finalized 2017 X3 loaner $267/month $1930 Drive off (Acquisition, registration, doc + 1st month)

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 BMW X3 xdrive 28i AWD]

MSRP: [$54,978]
Selling Price: [$40,778] (26% off MSRP)
Rebates: [$1000] (BMWFS $1,000) - I didn’t qualify for anything else
Trade-in: [$0]
Document Fee: [$80]
License/Registration. Fee: [$536]

Months: [24]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [.00192] yes, I know. This was non-negotiable.
Residual: 70% - mileage penalty for being a service loaner
Mileage Penalty $1,065
Updated Residual: $37,413

Security Deposit: [$0]

Total Due At Signing: [$1,934] 1st month, registration, doc, and acquisition fees
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$267]

Sales Tax Rate: [9.25%]

Leasehackr Score: [17.7]

I made a few adjustments to the Lease Hackr calculator to make this work there.

A few notes: After looking for a deal on an X3 or 330e all over the country, I finally decided to give the BMW dealership in my backyard a try. This is in northern California. It turns out they had just added a loaded X3 into the system with everything I wanted, at a very aggressive price. I went in the afternoon and closed the deal in a matter of hours. The dealer does not do anything below 0.00192 so I accepted it. Just a few weeks ago, I was getting ready to fly to Akron, Ohio to purchase one of the ones at the dealership we all know about, but thankfully I found one a few minutes away from my home. If I would have qualified for loyalty, this would have been a killer deal but we are still very happy with the car and the deal. I did put quite a bit down but considering the amount I saved on shipping from Ohio, I’m ok with that.


Congrats on a terrific deal

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Which dealership in Ohio is giving these prices? i tried Akron they did not even entertain the idea of a cheap lease like this. Congrats on the deal btw!

Hey! there have been few deals posted from that dealership here on this forum.

Here are a few of them.

I don’t think they have any more or are willing to do any deals like the ones above. I think they have a small staff so it was pretty hard to get them on the phone.


Great deal, is the conquest incentive applicable to loaners (would be an extra $500 on an X3).

They took over a dealership, and were looking to get rid of their old fleet to get them off the books. Some of their pricing on the old stock was phenomenal. Some of it was meh. I don’t think there’s much left there in regard to unicorns.

Great deal. Looking for something similar, what dealership is this from? I’m in nor cal too.


Just curious how you got a 70% residual on a 2017 loaner? It appears on the new 2018 X3 the RV is only 59% for 36/10 and gets a 6% increase for only 24 months for a RV of 65%.

It’s set by BMWFS. They artificially inflated it to move the remaining 2017 X3s.

Just curious how you manages 26% off, were they advertising that or did you negotiate it down from something? I’m looking at X3’s myself and would appreciate any tips. Much appreciated

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Does anyone have any leads for X3 loaners? I am able to pick it up tomorrow.

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Can you share the dealership? Thank you.