2017 BMW 330e Loaner

Just signed a lease on a fairly loaded 330e. Was quoted even less over email but they couldn’t get the numbers to not flip to negative equity when they submitted to BMWFS. Fees in calculator included all the wheel, windshield, and ding insurance because they need to play around with numbers so they took it out of the sale price we original had (so free). I put all fees in acquisition so I could do first month only payment on drive off. That includes acquisition fee and doc fee plus all the costs of the insurance they added on. Tax is added into sale price on calculator.

2017 BMW 330e (M sport, Nav, Cold Weather, Prem Package)

MSRP: $58,725
Selling Price: $38,372
Rebates: $6,000 e and lease
Trade-in: $0

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 12,000

MF: .00152 (was not told but calculates out)
Residual: $36,000 (4,996 miles)

Security Deposit: $0
Total Due At Signing: $110
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $110

Zip Code: 43206
Sales Tax Rate: 7.5%

Leasehackr Score: 39.3


Is this real life? (202020)

Just parked it at work

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Good god that is a massive discount…was the loaner in a prior accident? Any repaired damage etc?

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Holy crap. Can you forward me like the emails or deal sheet so I can try to get this as well??

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Clean carfax. Did a two hour drive last night and it drove great. Inside is in great condition.

Holy cow! That’s amazing! What’s the deal on $20k discount??? No way that BMW has a 35% retail markup on those!!!


Thats awesome. Any insight you can share on how you got to that pre-rebate discount? They just proactively offered even more to you?


Holy moly.

Edit: This is an amazing deal if it is real, which it seems to be, but I think the odds of anyone being able to replicate this are between slim and none. Congrats to the OP.


The great deal is from them taking off the rebate from sale price. Most dealers I emailed said all rebates included in sale price. I think they didn’t realize the rebates were at 6k for the e. I am also in Ohio and guessing electric does not sell well.

This is probably a big a part of it - a RWD Electric in most (if not all of) Ohio is going to be a tough sell.

That is the new benchmark for loaner 330e BMWs!

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It is the bar for the rest of the century!



Wish they have another 330e.

Post photos! I think the contract would be helpful to many!


what a great deal!. awesome

Wow!! Congrat…at that price…I dont mind paying Texas tax and freight.

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great find and amazing deal, congratulations. enjoy the car.

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Post up some pics in the Trophy Garage thread too

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Holy cow!!!

I can’t believe my eyes when I see the numbers. 110$ for a 50K+ BMW? That’s better than robbery. Congratulations you really set the bar. I probably will never lease a BMW 3 because you know someone is only paying 1/3 for the same car… LOl

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