Fair App - any good?

Looking to lease a vehicle in Bay Area.
How do I know the present lease numbers without downloading the app
Is there web version ?


I’m trying use a promo… the one u gave only does 100 now… tried to chat in and they would not honor it. Do U have any new ones or is there a way u can honor that one???

Have u heard anything? Does @shaan even still work for the company?

We leased a really nice Honda in SF earlier this year. Really solid service and a good price for the car with everything included. As city dwellers who move and change jobs quite frequently this was a great deal. A 36 month lease with the potential early turn in and payments made this a no brainer for us.

I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but I could not be happier.

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IMO The prices on Fair have gotten ridiculous.

You could get a low mileage (under 10K) 2017 Crosstrek Premium for $220 a month plus tax with only $80 doc fee and prorated registration (pay up to the sticker expiration) if you used the $1000 off coupon that @shaan offered in January-February 2018. Maida Subaru in Sacramento and Pacific Subaru in Torrence had several of these at the same price. That same vehicle is now, at least, $350 a month now and no coupon out there.

I like the flexibility of Fair, but the prices have gotten so ridiculous, you really can’t turn it in and get another one unless you want to pay crazy start up and monthly prices. I am happy with my Fair car but it cannot be replicated now at Fair. I am deciding whether or not I should pay the 2018-2019 DMV registration next month ($385) and keep it another year, or just return it before the registration is expired and lease a 2018.


Just a follow up to my post above. Despite several emails and assurances from Fair that my registration would be fixed, nothing has been solved. Also, they are once again ignoring my emails as I don’t think they know how to resolve it. I know that members of Fair monitor this forum - please provide contact information for someone who will take ownership of this issue. I really hope this application succeeds but execution right now is somewhat lacking (at least in my case).


I do not see much inventory update on the Fair app. Also no new dealers being added last few months. No communication from Fair team on this forum as well or elsewhere. Are they closing down?

Probably run out of investors’ money


Like I said before (search my previous posts), ideas such as this Fair app are doomed to be failure.

Market will always evolve toward the efficient direction, so any breakthrough in the car sales industry should not be adding additional layers (more middleman = additional costs to the whole process), because this all boils down to be a zero-sum game.

For example, What changed the traditional cross-continent mass transportation industry (ocean liners before 1920s) is not another better ship, or a better cruise ship company, but airplane - a whole new breed of machine. Same applies to the car sales industry.

For a startup idea/project, you will know whether it will work and possible to grow to larger scale after a couple months of trial run. I think its investors have a more clear picture now.

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Have you found a promo code yet?

I have received a notification offering $200 off the Start Payment code: Fair200 Expires 5/31/2018. Not as good as the previous $1000 off in the past.

Fair has evidently expanded to WA and PA in addition to CA.

I’ve had the exact same problems.

My car never came with license plates and I haven’t gotten them for 6 months now. Fair has completely stopped responding to my emails and I’m pretty sure they’re actively ignoring me. I’m thinking of cancelling my payments to try and get their attention.

Would recommend everyone to stay away.

same boat here…
the price went crazy now
need to renew the registration in Aug
let’s just wait and see what could happen in the next couples of months
but I tend to be pessimistic since they got more attention now.

Looks like they upped the start payment by about $200 - $400 across the board. And if start payment is mainly registration and tax cost, why are they charging tax on that payment too?

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I recently got a car from Fair. They’re customer service was great and they enticed me with a $500 promo code off the start payment and offered $100s in credits towards my first monthly bill when my first handful of cars kept coming back unavailable. This really enticed me to finally commit to the car I got. The representative from Fair concierge told me that once I got in the car they would tally up my credits and add them towards my monthly bill. The credits added up to $700, all separate from the start payment. I followed up with Fair concierge and all seemed to be fine until I received a $200 Amazon gift card in my email from Fair. I called to see what this was about and they said I would be receiving that plus 2 reimbursements of $200 each to my bank account. Then I followed up again and Manager Jacob L said I would only be getting two $200 Amazon gift cards that I have no use for and no monthly payment credits. Furthermore he told me to “move past this” even though the credits were promised to me and were used to entice me into the car. I did not appreciate how Jacob tried to tell me things that were just completely untrue and would easily be remedied by reading the transcripts from previous calls. This experience has left a very sour taste in my mouth. I had previously raves about Fair to all my friends, all of whom have relocated to California recently and who could use a service like this. I will not however be recommending Fair anymore and I will be sharing my experience with everyone I can.

Anyone else have similar issues? They must really be running out of investor money, but why should I pay for it? I did get any of the benefits that the investors did.

How can someone trying to lease via fair ensure the car they are getting is a non-smoking car (meaning previous owner did not smoke); I get allergy just getting into a smoke filled room.

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on a side note, read some where that steve jobs used to lease mercedes benz every 6 months so that he could avoid license plates, so that no one knows which car he drives.

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thats true, same color SL every 6 mo to avoid plates

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