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I didn’t care for either candidate, but I surely wouldn’t call her a saint.


Yep, I knew it. May have to close it before it got out of hands.


You sound like if you are naive enough to think this country could still be salvaged. We are on two completely different channels and regardless how nice you are, we’re being split apart. Just hope it happens peaceful, but unlikely.


well, there are exceptions, but you used a common republican propaganda. you know who the mooching trailer trash votes for.




I have had my car since January. Tag is expiring, so I decided to see if I could lease something better for less money than what I was paying. I was successful, so I started the process of returning the car. They need 5 days to process a return. They will pick the car up from my residence. I must be present for inspection and mileage verification. Then they will send me a final invoice. I asked for them to pick it up next Tues/Weds. Hoping the process goes as explained/planned. Overall, I am very happy with the car experience. It was like a long test drive.

Fair App - any good?

Dieselraver: If don’t mind sharing which dealership did you purchase you M3? The snow on the ground make it look like up North. Im in Florida.

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{Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?}

Is this Alfa Romeo stelvio deal, good or bad? Need help ASAP! NY AREA

Why was the review of the guy for the fair app moved to the landfill?


Because there is a history there and using fair dot com 3 times in the post feels like paid advertisement


we need to establish guidelines for all trusted hackrs as to what gets moved to landfill.
I’m seeing the beginnings of over-censorship. I’m not talking about that post from the fair app in particular nor am I talking about any trusted hackr in particular, but just go through some of the stuff.

Anybody have any suggestions?


Yes - we all can agree to disagree.


maybe I should rephrase - anybody can offer any solution as to how to go about establishing guidelines for the landfill?


I mean, it’s going to be subjective every time. So most times it is going to be judgment-based. If there are certain posts we think should be reviewed (as posts that should not have been removed), then we can definitely discuss them. I agree we don’t want to overmoderate, but we also want to make sure we aren’t allowing site visitors to be mislead, spammed or mistreated.

We can always flag posts as well and send PMs to each other if something is on the fence. If it gets enough flags or if 2+ mods agree, then we take it down.


Yeah it’s about a grand. May still be a great deal but that expense rolled into the monthly together with the transfer fee exceeds my budget.


what does DAS stands for?

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Due at signing



thanks a lot! ;p i appreciate it!


Awesome; I have a very similar situation that I got via lease hacker. $1798 one pay lease for a Chevy Cruze Premier for 24 months for 12k miles/ yr. I missed to track this year in March and I’m not finding anything close anymore; but hv not given up yet

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Too bad BMW axed MSDs for new customers, would have made this even better! Enjoy the car!