Fair App - any good?


Does anybody know if the monthly prices get better after they run your credit (and you have excellent credit)? Just having browsed without a credit check, I have seen some prices that are a little high for leasing five year old vehicles with over 50K miles on them.


I picked up a car using the code a couple weeks ago too. I believe the prices stayed the same after the credit check. If I had to guess I would suspect that some of them are high because they reflect different dealers’ listed inventory and pricing policies. The ones that are priced well seem to move faster. I’ve seen some pretty good deals pop up after checking back.

Along those lines I did wonder if the fees (which they add on after confirming the car availability) also vary between dealers. If they are just official fees think it’d be better if the app could calculate them upfront.


I just check the app again and price went up $40 a mo on some of the low end cars. I tried to book through fair 2 times and every time they came back to me saying that the car is unavailable. I email shann who said he is going to find me a car, but almost one month passed. Nothing !


Same for me. I was approved and vary happy. But! I tried to book through fair more then 12 cars, even cars that just appeared on the list, and every time, a recived message that there is no cars available for me.
I tryed to book a car for a month in fair app. Waiting for answer for 2 days for each car. In the end I lost 1 month of my time, deleted the fair app and bought Boosted Board. Thank you, fair :slight_smile:


At the beginning they started with very attractive rates and were also offering 1k towards the down payment. Now, their rates have almost doubled for certain cars. Unless you are a temporary expat or somebody who looks for alternative for car renting, I would say forget fair.


Do you have new promotion for the startup fee? I see the one for March expired.

Also, what is the best way to review the actual contract on Wear and Tear? That’s the primary concern for me, where brakes & tires will be very expensive. How can I feel comfortable starting a 1 to 2 year Fair contract, with no idea if the tires and brakes are new, or 80% or 40%. For tire and pads on a 2016 328i from my last lease I know that could be more than $2000. Spread over a 1.5 Year Fair Rental my price just went $100+monthly from $350/$400 to $450/$500+ Not to mention other possible repairs I might not be thinking of.


Do you have a promo code active now?


Yeah I got my wife in a Mazda CX5 Grand Touring for $349 a month including tax with 0 down for a 36/12 lease. This includes maintenance, car washes, and a wear and tear package form the dealer.

The same car/trim on Fair is $384 with $1,095 start payment (w/ Shaan’s promo code) for 10K miles a year. So to get to comparable annual milage my payment would be $411.

The flexibility is certainly nice, but know it will cost you about $62 (18%) more each month + your start payment.

Also keep in mind you have no chance to accrue equity in the vehicle like many of us have been able to with the help of this forum.

Fair does talk about matching prices, but not sure how that works and how competitive they will actually get.


Hey! Promo code SHAANR100 is now $100 off Start Payment, valid until 5/1/18.

(Promo doesn’t apply to monthly payments, taxes, fees, or rideshare partner programs)


Hey @Victor_R I’m really sorry about that experience! We just updated the app to remove cars from inventory that may be sold or are in checkout from other customers. Very frustrating :anguished:

I hope you love your boosted board! I’ve been using www.Bird.co a lot here in Santa Monica :slight_smile:


Looking at the fair website and app. I’m in LA and love the concept but the start initial deposit is too expensive for me to take the plunge an try this service. Does anyone know if the codes offered late last year are still available?


Yeah I just started looking into it also after all their ads. My main questions would be - how often can you change cars? Do you have to pay the start deposit every time you change to something new, or just the first time you use the service? Is the deposit just a deposit and you get that money back if you decide to no longer use the service? What happens with insurance? I’m guessing you supply your own? What about if you keep a car for awhile and maintenance is due, do you take it to a dealer or do they change the car out at that point? Everything including tires, regular maintenance, etc is included in the monthly?

I’m sure lots of this is answered here, but It’ll take awhile to get through 90 comments.


Any business built on top (add another layer of middleman) of the existing US dealership framework will be doomed to failure. Car purchasing/leasing is a very low frequency activity for most people, so most consumers are willing to spend time to DIY, and the effort is usually paid off and justified.

The immediate future of car sales/ownership is either the car dealership framework keep on going as is, or auto maker selling/leasing directly. Generally speaking, the trend is eliminating middleman layers (at least, not adding another layer).

My 2 cents.


Hello @shaan do you have any other promotion codes?


Hello @shaan I am on of your very early customer since probably September.
I have been always interested in Fair.
I also kept track of the promos you guys had.
I am planning to get a car next month and I am seriously looking for the 1000$ off promo.
Upon my research I could say atleast 36 people are looking to get a car but waiting for a good promo like me.
Since you are an employee and me being your very first season app user, can you do something for us?


Hi - we leased a car app. 3 months ago and initial service, price, etc. was very good. It’s gone downhill since then. My primary issue is that Fair doesn’t seem to have the registration process down and this is a huge issue. My registration came without stickers and I am still without stickers. I have emailed fair twice and both times, they said they would look into it and take care of it. No follow up and my subsequent emails ignored. I have also called but to no avail.

One other thing that I have noticed is that monthly price were equivalent to other new leases 2-3 months ago and are no 25 percent+ more. Curious why the change.


Hello @shaan, I am looking to lease car in middle of July. Can I request a promo code please?


I really think you are over-estimating the amount of time people are willing to spend to DIY and research.


The root cause why internet + car sales never integrates well, is because for large merchandise like cars/houses, most people won’t pull the trigger until they have seen it, tried it and felt it in person. So they will go onsite to traditional dealership to check/touch/try it out, and naturally business will go to one of the dealerships.

This is also the reason why automotive broker (non franchised dealership) business in US is mostly composed of small local companies and even sole proprietorship. There is a reason why over so many years, there still non of these companies/individuals grow into something like Amazon, Google, Facebook etc.

In fact 7-8 years ago Amazon and Google already tried similar ideas, but they failed and retracted. Things happen for reason.


Used cars aren’t commodities like new cars. Every used car is different. That’s why for used cars you need to see them in person before you start bargaining. And that’s why these services like Fair-App and others will have limited appeal.