Fair App - any good?


Shaan seems to have disappeared!!


I bought a previous corporate lease BMW before and they were only allowed to drive it for 6 months before they had to turn it in so that does exist.


Just learned about this app. Referral code anybody?


Basically, what the Fair app, is leasing used cars. On the cost side, it may not be worth it. Think about it. Budget, Avis and the rest wholesale their cars at around 50000 miles. Assuming normal 10000 miles a year for 5 years, the depreciative value of the car is zero. So any money made by the used car dealers is profit. So you are getting a car that is over 50000 miles, maint. might be yours except for major ones as the claim is made. With rental cars, I can chose any car, drive for a week, use a major credit card for ins protection. that seems to be better deal, besides you know the cars are well maintained by the rental companies (the major ones).


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With rental cars, I can chose any car, drive for a week, use a major credit card for ins protection. that seems to be better deal [/quote]

I don’t see the great deal with what you suggest.

Even with my rock-bottom corporate rate(s), I pay at least $1000/month to rent a car from one of the major rental car companies. Fair app cars would be half of that or less.


Do you still have some promo codes for starting pymnt? Im trying to get my first one but start payment is too high. Thank you


I think they’re name is ironic, the price initially sounded high but I thought it included insurance and they took care of the registration so it sounded decent, but it’s completely the opposite. No wonder why their website is so vague. Seems very unFair.


Here’s $200 off if anyone is interested…

"No long-term contracts. No early termination fees. Now that’s freedom. And this Independence Day, we’re celebrating that freedom with $200 off the Start Payment of a Fair car.

Scan your license to create an account, choose your car, and sign with a finger. What will you drive now that you’re free?

To Apply The Promo

1 Open app and click the MENU


3 Enter July200

4 Promo* is applied at checkout


Defiantly love the whole concept of the Fair app, very convient for people who are on the move for projects from city to city, only downside is the Start payment which is a bit expensive. Would appreciate if I can get a promo for my first use of this app.


Hi Shawn

I just tried to add the code you provided and it only said it would be reduced by $100. Do you know why this is??


I had the same problem, the fair start payment on a 4 year old suv is 1900. I assumed it was a 1000 off but it said only 100 ? Thanks, Zain


hey @shaan,

Just curious if you are still offering any promotions to cover start payment? I am interested in leasing car from your app but the start payment is higher than what most dealerships here ask for.
None of my friends have used this app but seems like a great idea on paper! :slight_smile:


Just seems a little insane at this point - lease price is as high or higher than the same car NEW from the dealer.

Now, I know I’m looking at uncommon cars, but just an example: 2016 Charger Hellcat - $880 / month is the lowest available (others are over $1k/month with $3k down). WITH a $2700 downpayment. Dodge was offering 3/36 for $499/month with 10% down (~$7k) last month. So Dodge works out to around $800/month brand new. With factory warranty, etc.

So, if it was just $880/month for as long as I wanted, sure, that might be worth it - pay a little more, get more flexibility. But add in $2700 more, right off the bat? That turns $880 into ~$1125/month for 1 year. That’s too much of a premium for that flexibility, IMHO. I COULD actually see $1125/month for 1 month, if I wanted to try the car for a month to make sure I liked it. But, at this point, I’d need to pay almost $3600 FOR ONE MONTH. That’s ridiculous. Even with a $1k off downpayment, not worth it.


Fair prices are way too high for leasing and miles on some of the cars are higher than teens at a rave Party.


Are there any current Promo Codes for Fair Car app. All the ones I use arent working.


Very simple logic: more layers/middleman in the purchase transaction, more cost/expense need to be paid from someone. Usually the ‘someone’ is the buyer.

Think about this: how many employee Fair is hiring? How much is the operation cost it need to pay every month? Where does Fair get this money from? Who is paying for these costs ultimately?

If you want to get a good deal, you need to DIY, no shortcut. Paying for other people to do it for you, adding this extra cost will make the deal not good at all.


I live close to Denver but the city on mail address is not Denver. Fair operates in Denver. After giving my licence info in the app. It says we don’t serve this market. There is no option to delete my license info from their data base. TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!


Would appreciate it if you could spell.


Are there any current promo codes for Fair?? Especially as a first time user of the app. That would be much appreciated because it seems like a great car app to use and I would like to assist many of my friends and family to use this app as well. Particularly college students who usually don’t have a lot of money in college to buy a car and take out loans for one.


I am also planning to lease car using Fair app.

@Carluv - Did you find any promo code for down payment?