F-150 Lightning... Reservation & Ordering Discussion

Got my email 11/15 and placed my order the same day. Got an email the next day with VIN saying my truck is scheduled for production on 12/5. Lariat ER - MSRP $88,224. Dealer is selling at MSRP and says I will get a price protection rebate of $8,500, but haven’t actually confirmed in Smart Vincent. Everything I’ve read says you had to order by 9/30 to get the rebate. I’m not buying without it. Thoughts?


Recent offers on a 22 Lighting Lariat SR have been around $76K. Quite a decrease from just a month or two ago. I really hope the 23’s perform better given the MSRP increase and loss of tax credit. Seems highly unlikely I will fulfill my second order now, whenever I do get the chance.


You probably won’t get it. Off the top of my head, it was only Waves 1-2 or 1-3. Basically everyone in 2022 who were offered to order but did not convert holding out for Pro or XLT when they weren’t available. Confirm those details but I remember something roughly like that. I got it as wave 1


Yeah, I ready waves 1-3 as well.

I am letting my reservation go. I reserved with Chapman who quoted 3% off of invoice when reserving and now that it is finally time to order, they told me that only applied to 2022s.

I’m getting 3% under invoice from them on my 2023

I guess you got lucky then:

"We are no longer offering discounts on the Lightning. All orders are at MSRP. That was something we offered on the first model year.


Ed Simpson"

Damn that blows. I’ve got Ashlie and Tom on my email chain, not Ed.

Pulled this out of my post history. Lariat MMR since August.

8/17 99,700
8/23 101,000
8/28 100,000
9/13 102,000
9/17 97,000
9/21 98,000
9/24 97,000
9/30 96,300
10/4 96,000
—> 10/7 My SR sale at $87,000
10/8 94,600
10/15 92,700
10/20 90,600
10/25 89,700
11/1 88.700
11/6 85,600
11/25 81,000

Below invoice on a Lightning seems hard to believe. From what I understand, invoice on the 23’s is MSRP.

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I was going to say…who is Ed?? :joy:

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Yep, invoice and MSRP are the same on my DORA

You think these are mostly SR? That seems to be the only Lightning that’s available in the Northeast.

Does anyone know what 2023 Lightning XLT is fetching at auction? I have one coming in, in the next couple of weeks and think I want to sell it. Debating taking delivery and flipping or just releasing it.

I’ll just drive the SR until the next gas price spike haha
so far I have 5500 miles on it.

My Lariat ER is built and at the shipping ramp but in “microchip hold”

Ford hurry up and get your shit together

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My 22’ XLT with 1.3k miles sold for 69k on 10/26 at auction. Things have cooled off but I think they’re still going for 66-68k range.


Thanks for that Bigblue. I may just keep it and see how I like it and decide if I want to keep it or offload it next year. I really like the GMC Sierra redesign so was debating going that route for a full size truck.

It should hold it’s value because XLT’s are basically impossible to order and effectively sold out until, most likely, 2024. Also with the MSRP price increase you will be well below replacement cost.

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Any data for SR Pro?

Good to hear!

I am selling my '22 Lariat SR Lightning in January when my MME comes in.

It’s too big to have in urban LA.

Hoping to get what I paid for!