F-150 Lightning... Reservation & Ordering Discussion

On the Ford forums, lots of chatter after F150 Lightning sales starting 10/26

I’m surprised Ford is so much further ahead of GM w/r/t bringing an electric truck to market. I put a reservation in but no idea how that will translate to order priority. I am thinking X-plan, plus the federal rebate, plus no NJ sales tax could be interesting.

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is the roof going to get ripped off of this one too? I was all excited for this thing to come out as I would need a truck at some point in 2022, but with Ford’s quality releases lately I think I’m just going to wait for 2nd gen or at least a model year or 2 into production.

Roof didn’t ever rip off the Mach E as far as I have seen, they just recalled it due to a potential with some of the adhesive misbehaving. It’s not like it’s a Tesla where the actually roofs rip off and they don’t recall them (to be fair, Tesla did call in some owners to inspect them, but a formal recall doesn’t appear to have ever been issued).

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It was obviously a hyperbole, but it’s still weird that Mach E had issues, Bronco has issue, Explorer had roof railing issues. Hence the roof reference and caution with 1st gen product. Since F-150 is Ford’s pride and joy, I’m going to guess they are going to take every step possible testing everything pre-release, but I’m still cautious.

And for the record I did not drag Tesla into it this time :slight_smile:

Absolutely valid concern…I’ve never seen Ford make so many missteps since the Pinto. I keep feeling like Mulally had the wheels on, and they are now coming off.

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I have a pretty early reservation I’m hoping to materialize. I wonder if anyone is dreaming up logistics on how to resell for the best value? Traditional financing? Balloon loan? Lease?

Have you seen any conversation on that in any of your digging?

It’s a Ford with all the complications that come with buy outs there, even during normal times. Add in that they don’t seem to pass on an equivalent tax credit incentive (at least directly), and I think you’ll quickly find that if you’re even considering jumping on one to resell that leasing probably isn’t the way to go.

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Correction: Explorer has roof rail issues. Even after multiple recalls issued, the things are still prone to flying off because Ford can’t get something as simple as roof rails engineered properly. The worst of the worst as far as quality is concerned both from a product and service/personnel standpoint, and I am speaking from experience.

Would not recommend a Ford to anyone.

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Delayed till December 2022


How shocking that a Ford rollout is not going to plan


Anybody heard any rumors on order banks opening in December?

My dealer called me today to convert my reservation into a pending order. No information yet just confirming I was still interested and will get more info on ordering soon.


Nice… what was the reservation#? Like the range

I ordered the night of the release.

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Nice …we i guess i wont hold my breath…

Will Keep enjoying my :taco:

When did you reserve ?

Couple of months ago…i wanna say October…

don’t forget to join the farm bureau to get $500 off; if that applies in your state and for this truck.


In CA it says must take delivery by Jan 2, i dont think the lightning will make it in time?

Offer May get renewed