F-150 Lightning... Reservation & Ordering Discussion

You should be able to drive a traditional phev without a charge. Question is, would you be able to operate a Lightning with no charge?

It makes it like most other series hybrid rex applications. i3, karma, etc

Yeah, I suppose. Weren’t they a bit of a flop at the time? Also, I think that was around a decade ago… can we not engineer something better for the Lighting. :man_facepalming:

I had an i3 and I can say the range extender was great. When you have a car that has sh*tty range, the gas engine can technically keep you going forever, as long as you keep putting gas in. Takes away some of the range anxiety
IMO range extender is probably the best option for someone who has never gotten into an EV before.

EVs in general are not ideal for people who don’t have a place to charge at home or work.

The public chargers seem like a horrible option to me. It cost me more significantly money to drive 80 miles after public charging than it would have cost for gas.

I think @zaimer is right in saying that most contractors are not open to the lightning at the moment. There is also the tree-hugging stigma that comes with an EV that some manly men can’t open up to.

I’d rock one, if I could get one.

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All comes down to what problem youre trying to solve. A removable rex for use when towing, etc seems like a pretty good solution to me.

Very true. It will be interesting to watch how this truck fares (once we get over wave of flippers & keeping up with the Joneses buyers).

Nuh uh! Gas/electric is different from electric/gas [sarcasm].

Not my plan or engineering. Just giving the people “what they want”. :slight_smile:

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horses for courses. i’m just going off what i’ve personally heard.

I’ve finally reached built status. Hopefully should get a shipping date soon. I have 2 or 3 weeks behind others in my build week, for some reason.