F-150 Lightning... Reservation & Ordering Discussion

John Cena had the same thoughts:

John Cena Taps Out, Settles Lawsuit with Ford After Selling His Ford GT (thedrive.com)

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It isn’t a step down from a Denali. I got a Lariat because Platinum didn’t seem worth the $10k premium just to add massaging seats and pretty rims which cost you 20 miles of range (not my first EV, so you have to understand that range will vary anyways on condition, so I protect it as much as I reasonably can).

It’s the first truck with independent rear suspension and it’s the best riding EV I have owned or driven. You’re not going to get the attention a Rivian would, but it’s really a phenomenal truck. I’ve been telling everyone how much I love EV ownership (no gas stations, no regular maintanence, fast, quiet, etc.) for about 10 years. All of my family who has been skeptical is sold on this truck. And at $5 a gallon, will cost you about 10-20% of that depending on your electricity price. Kyle from Out of Soec said it best, “It’s the right truck for the right time”. I could go on and on.

Some pics are attached. You will love it. I wasn’t following blend date or what that meant, but I was a 5/16 build week and took delivery on 6/15.


you should really up the price to $150k. that bad boy is going to be the darling of every contractor in your state.

So i guess the dealer didn’t want to with this Buyer

Ya’ll really shouldn’t fall for clickbait. Can keep asking me the question, but I have no such restrictions and not a single person who has taken delivery has noted such a clause. As noted, I’m probably not selling it anyways, but it’s my truck free and clear.

Well if the tax credits get extended and I can get a pro for what they’re listing it for now, I’ll bite. Hits every checkbox.