F-150 Lightning... Reservation & Ordering Discussion

a 200a auto transfer switch should run around 1k-1500. permits another 500-1000 depending on whatever city. the hardware is the $1500 above plus another lets say around $1000. that’s a lot of padding built in.

My build to date was pushed back from 6/10 to 7/10.

Hope it doesn’t move again…

Another thing to keep in mind is the location of the charger in reference to your main electrical box. We are stuck with a 30a for charging in our garage because they didn’t run big enough gauge wire out to our external garage from the main box that is in our basement. It was like maybe 5k just to upgrade our garage to be able to put in a 40a charger. Putting in an 80a charger would also probably necessitate a breaker box upgrade as well.

That’s all to say that the costs are dependent on so much that it’s hard to compare estimates across use cases.

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Welcome to FL:

I found this on NewsBreak: Ford Dealer Adds $69,554 Markup To F-150 Lightning Ford Dealer Adds $69,554 Markup To F-150 Lightning - NewsBreak

Stupid as stupid gets

$50K over on a XLT


As soon as my $DOGE becomes a $1

This gets me excitied. 2" level lift fits 34s !

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I got bump to oderjng status. what’s the potential flip on this thing.

This is the first one I’ve actually seen actually sell.

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This is new for me…


I want to like it, but it looks like plastic garbage. :poop:

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BAM. Window sticker and blend date (7/15).


Nice. I just submitted my order this week. I believe it was the last wave of orders for model year 2022.

I took delivery of my Lightning Lariat ER last week. It’s really great. Smooth, quiet, fast as can be. An R1T parked next to me today and made me realize how much smaller the Rivian is. Not sure if I’m going to keep the Lightning or the R1T (my Launch Edition is scheduled to be delivered in a few months).

Just in case someone with all the money in the world wants my Lightning, I listed it on autotrader for $140k. Everyone has their price. Ha.


Your Ford dealer didn’t make you sign the 1yr “no resale” agreement when you bought it?

No. I don’t think any dealer playing the long game with customers is doing that. I also bought 3 cars and traded in 2 Mach-Es from them in the last year. They do just fine with my repeat business. I also wish any dealer good luck if they try to enforce that clause.

I really doubt anyone gives me a big enough offer to entice me to sell it. I like my toys, and everyone in my family is lining up to call dibs on it (even the moms who love the functionality of the frunk).

What are your thoughts on the interior cabin luxury and comfort?

I’m coming from a 1500 Denali and I’m worried the Lariat will be a step down

I wasn’t able to get a Platinum ordered.

Would love to see some pics! How long from your blend date to delivery?